Another late start to the day and even later when we went out for that first walk. It was quiet out and we did not see a single person. We walked the same trail we took yesterday but the little black kitty had gone, thank goodness. I was worried that it might have been sick or worse. We wandered around and covered a half mile which is what we shoot for in the mornings before returning to the RV for breakfast. We do need to go into Walmart’s for a few supplies, but we have the rest of the day to do it in. 

I checked the emails and as usual, nothing earth shattering which is the way I like it. Same with the morning news that I quickly looked over. Just the usual problems with Senators making fools of themselves with their outlandish claims and the usual number of shootings and violence. All fun stuff and so bloody depressing. Sometimes, I would like to be the proverbial Ostrich and just bury my head in the sand and hope that things go away. 

I decided to go into Walmart’s and do some grocery shopping. This is the first Walmart’s I have been in that does not have an RV section not that I need anything, but I do like to browse as something may catch my eye. I wandered around as I usually do and picked up all my supplies. I had a list and pretty much stuck to it although a couple of extra goodies snuck into my basket including another pair of sneakers that caught my eye. Hopefully, they will be better than the last pair that lasted about a month before I discarded them as they lost their shape and support very quickly. I was reading the history of Walmart’s and discovered that the very first store is in Rogers, the city we just left. Now, it is worldwide with over 13,000 stores. 

I found the Starbucks which is on my way home and bought my usual Latte. When we got back after a short 3-mile trip, I unloaded the groceries helped by my little buddies and then we went out for a walk around the park. A couple of different RVs have come in and there will be more as the Razorbacks take on Missouri State tomorrow. We wandered around the park and then returned to Quatro to write in the blog before going out one more time for the last walk of the day. A very quiet and relaxing day.

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Southgate RV Park, Fayetteville AR Saturday Day 10 09/17/2022

The first thing I had to do before anything else after I got out of bed was to empty the tanks as water was backing up in the bathroom sink when I cleaned my teeth, a sure sign that the tanks are full. The grey tank which handles the water from both the bathroom sink, shower and the kitchen sink, is usually the first one to fill, showed by water puddling around my feet in the shower or by the sinks not draining. Emptying the tanks is as simple as opening a couple of shut off valves, generally the black tank first and then the grey tank to flush things out. Incidentally, because of the tank system, the valves are always closed except to drain them otherwise all the fluids would drain out leaving the solids behind, not a good thing at all. Hence the expression, “Pyramids of Poop” know to all RV enthusiasts. Incidentally, the notification system within the RV on the Information and switch panel never works properly. There are sensors within the tanks to show at what level the contents are at any given time, but they quickly get covered and do not function properly. They are not a reliable sign of the tank levels. Even on the brand-new Coachmen Leprechaun that I previously owned as those sensors were not working properly from the day I bought it. The only reliable indicator is when the sinks, showers or toilet starts to back up. If you happen to be taking a shower, then it is time to quickly jump out and dry off.  Then go outside to open the valves before it overflows on the floor. 

With that chore completed, I took that shower that I had to put off and then we went out for a walk around the park. The first thing I noticed is that it is completely full up with hardly a spare site anywhere. Probably, in for the game. The walk was uneventful, and we went about a half mile mostly in the shade as it was already warming up.  The crashed truck that belongs to one of the Hispanic workers has gone, whether to be repaired or to be junked is unknown. The strange bike belonging to another of them, propelled by arm movement, has also disappeared. I have not seen their company vans in a couple of days either so maybe, they have moved on. They are renting the RV’s and do not own them. 

I made breakfast and even offered the dogs some with the usual result. Don’t know why I bother. I enjoyed the English Muffins I toasted for myself along with the Latte and then settled down to trash as many emails as I could. I did have a couple of important ones to answer but they are, in the minority. The dogs found their sleeping spots and settled in, and I got down to the serious business of accounting for our movements so far and trying to remember if anything of interest has occurred. It has been a very quiet and routine day, so far and I hope it stays that way. 

I debated with myself about watching a Premier League game. One part of me was all for it and the other part kept saying, “Remember your unwritten rule of not watching TV during the day”. I decided that as it was an unwritten rule, I would watch the game and spent the next two hours admiring the skills of these top-class players. Two hours later at the end of a very good game, it was time to go out walking and we wandered around the park. It had cooled off considerably and was very pleasant out so when we returned, we sat outside and listened to the end of yet another Audiobook story. By then, it was getting dark, and we took one more quick walkabout before returning to Quatro for the rest of the evening. 

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