I awoke not sure that I wanted to face the day after the horrible one of yesterday. I do not think I have ever been so upset at anything except maybe the death of one of my pets, than I was yesterday after dealing with the spammers. There is nothing more frightening than watching all of your money disappear before your very eyes as the numbers on the screen, change to zero. 

I had called my bank to discuss this with them and the bottom line is that my accounts have been frozen which is a good thing. On the other hand, I do not have access either. My Banker called me to discuss the next moves which, because I was unable to go to the bank in person as I am currently almost 600 miles away, needs to be transacted long distance. Even though I could drive the RV closer, I still have the problem of the Jeep repairs. He promised to overnight some forms for my signature that will set up a new account and the money will get transferred to it. Hopefully, I will get a new Debit card as the one I have is locked and I cannot use it. Amazing, the things that we take for granted, like using a debit card to pay for something and then, the card is no longer available. 

For any of you reading this, be very careful about what you receive in any email. Think before just opening and if in doubt, erase it. In my case, I recognized that it was about my Best Buy account, actually the Geek Squad renewal which had automatically just renewed according to the email and if I wanted to opt out and get a refund, do the following…….I had been thinking that I did not use the Geek Squad anymore and should not renew it and I saw this as the way to cancel and get my money back. Wrong and a big mistake as I went through hell for the rest of yesterday. 

Following the morning walk and then the usual breakfast, I checked emails on my phone and being extra careful before responding. If anything looked suspicious, it was trashed at once. I thought about and got out my two other computers. One is a small Samsung tablet that is primarily used with RV Trip Wizard to guide us to where we are going in the RV. The other is a very small laptop that I have not used in years. Needless to say, even after I put it on charge, it would not start. I put it to one side and went to work on the tablet but had all kinds of trouble making it work in finding both Word which I use to write and WordPress which is my hosting program. After a couple of hours of frustration, I put them both to one side and jumped in the car and drove to the nearest Walmart’s and bought the cheapest laptop I could find for about $300.00 paying with a credit card, something I don’t normally do. Needs must… 

I drove back finding a Starbuck’s on the way to sooth my twitching nerves. I know that caffeine is not good for that, but it works for me. I spent the rest of the day getting more and more frustrated as I set up the new computer. Luckily, I was able to find my files in both Word and WordPress but when it came to adding to them, discovered that this computer has a different layout and setup as the old one and does not do the things I was used to. I figured that I was a reasonably intelligent person even if I do have an old brain (and body) and accepted the challenge to get the damn thing to work spending several hours in doing so. 

One thing I had discovered was that I had left the little plug in adapter in the other computer which was now in Best Buy for repairs and without it, the mouse will not work. I have to admit that I am lost without the mouse and in the end, gave up for the day choosing instead, to take the dogs out walking both for fresh air and to clear the cobwebs. We wandered around and all told, I covered 1.8 miles for the day. Back inside, we did the usual evening thing of food and then watching a Premier League game before going to bed. At least, today was a much less worrying and frightening day than the day before. 

Written 09/22/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com