I crawled out of bed and as we stepped out of the door, discovered a Fed Ex delivery from my bank on my steps.  I put it inside and then we walked for a bit so the dogs could do their thing and stretch their legs before returning to open the Fed Ex envelope. Inside were a few forms all highlighted where it needed my signature which I at once took care of. Telling the dogs to sit tight and find a spot to sleep, I jumped in the car to the Fed Ex office in Walmart’s which I remembered from my visit of a few days ago. I sent the completed documents back to Frost Bank and now must sit back and wait. I also stopped by Best Buy and retrieved the plugin for the mouse before finding the nearest Starbucks for that much needed coffee and breakfast. 

We have made so many trips these past few days that I am now starting to recognize some of the landmarks. I wish they had been under better circumstances though. At least, now I have the mouse attached, I can get around the screen much better. Trying to remember commands from long ago isn’t easy anymore after so many years of using a mouse. Incidentally, this cheap computer does not have a touch screen either but what do you expect for $300.00. It’s basic, very basic and hopefully, I will only need it for a week. Then it will go into early retirement or until the hackers get me again. Incidentally, they are still calling me, but I do not answer them, and the paperwork mentioned above is all part of the deterrent. 

I spent the rest of the day, working on the blog and on other programs like my Pictures file which I cannot find. I might have to post a few blogs without any pictures at least until I get the other computer back, scheduled for next Wednesday. 

We went out for the afternoon walk around the park. It was cloudy with rain in the forecast, and it looked like it. I spotted a large Blimp in the sky straight ahead of us slowly making its way along. Wonder what the occasion is as it is not game day. Maybe, they do Blimp rides at the airport. Amazing, the things you see. Back in Quatro, I sat and wrote some more. I am caught up again, thank goodness as I have real problems when it comes to remembering details of what happened yesterday or the day before. 

The day ended in the usual way with food and then TV. 

Written 09/22/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com