Walking the dogs followed by breakfast as is the usual pattern for the start of most days followed by some chores outside the RV that needed some work.  

I turned my attention to the new computer determined to get it working the way I wanted it spending several hours before achieving any results. I have rescued all of my files except for the pictures, and I cannot seem to find them. Gotta keep working on that as blogs without pictures are very bland. At least, I did not have to drive into town for any urgent reason. 

I managed to post everything to date using pictures off my cell phone so at least, we are up to date. My memory is so bad that I find it hard to recall things from more than a day ago but have no problems with doing everyday things. That is why it is so important that I write everything the next day at the latest. For one who used to have a very sharp mind, things sure have deteriorated. I hate growing old if only for that reason. 

We went out walking around the park and I noticed that a couple more RV’s have come in. It is easy to tell the experienced RV’ers as they are methodical in the way they set up. The newbies mess around trying to get the rig in exactly the right spot going back and forth. It helps to have a spotter especially if it is a back in site and maybe a bit on the tight side. Still, the only way to get better at it is practice. 

Back in Quatro, I worked on the new computer getting frustrated at my inability to get it to work the way I wanted it to, finally giving up and taking the dogs walking to get rid of my frustrations. At least I can do that without any trouble. We wandered around in a general direction but not in a straight course as Sandy is attracted by every smell within her range. Consequently, there is no such thing as a straight line. Mikey has his moments but like me, just follows along. 

We did not sit outside as it was still too warm and not comfortable even in the shade and we adjourned inside for the rest of the evening. I fixed our respective food, and we settled down to watch a Premier League football game and then more versions of Cold Cases. 

Written 09/23/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com