Thoughts in the sky

The human mind is a wonderful thing 
as it collects information for later use 
filing it away in places unseen 
for the brain its meanings to deduce 
we all react in different ways 
when we receive words good or bad 
if the words are good, we shout hooray 
and our hearts are happy, and we are not sad 
if however, the words we receive 
bring bad news of any kind 
then a cloud descends, and we feel deceived 
and maybe terror of what we may find 
time is supposed to heal bad news 
and make those feelings go away 
however, if the news of those views 
has cost you money and you had to pay 
or a longtime friend that you have known 
has died and left and you did not say 
how much you cared for them as a friend
and you and your grief are all alone 
but you live on for another day 
you and your mind and the thoughts it has shown. 
Written 09/26/2022. Read my other poems at