I watched the TV until after midnight for whatever reason but still managed to get up at a reasonable hour, for us that is. Following the usual morning ablutions, we went out for a walk around a very empty park. Even the people that pulled in yesterday in a big Class A are hooked up and ready to go. It would be nice to know theirs and others destinations just out of curiosity. That will not happen though as I am not interested in their private lives, thank goodness. 

We had the usual breakfast and coffee with the dogs’ eyes glued to my bacon sandwich and not twitching a muscle. That is until each got a tiny piece which disappeared in a second and then back to more staring. Dogs, that is why we love them so much. We have nothing planned except to do more work on the bank accounts to try to get things sorted about credit card payments and such all because I had to change accounts numbers due to the spammers. Such a hassle and not something you think about until it must be taken care of. We get very comfortable in the way we do things and are not aware of them until they no longer happen according to plan. 

I answered a couple of emails and trashed the rest before settling down to write in the blog. I then spent the next couple of hours getting even more frustrated as I tried to straighten out the bank deposit problems caused by the spammers. I think, I may have one of them taken care of but the other two are proving to be difficult. It is very tough dealing with Government entities both online and on the phone. Government Bureaucracy and all of that. It did give me a chance to go through the files in the small cabinet that I have although, as they are totally disorganized, just added to the frustration. Anything considered important enough to keep is filed in the nearest file folder in no sorted order. 

We went out walking to ease my frustrations and to stop Sandy from giving me, “the look” which shows that she thinks it’s time we went out. Mikey is much better about it and if he starts to be bug, then he really does need to “go”. A couple more RV’s have come in and parked on the lower end of the park. We walked around the field and managed to get in our required mile plus a bit. It is very pleasant out and almost on the chilly side when walking in the shade. 
When we got back, I had some things I needed to do and then sat and caught up on the blog before we went out one more time for another short walk around the park. 

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Southgate RV Park, Fayetteville, AR Tuesday Day 27 10/04/2022

I slept very soundly and awoke at the usual time and jumping into the shower to complete the waking up process. We went out walking as we normally do and wandered around a very empty park. I counted 15 RV’s still here although there will be more on game days. This park holds at least 70 RV’s and Gerry did say that this is the first year that he is closing for the winter except for the very few regulars that are here full time. 

We hope to be long gone before then although the news I received this morning has pushed the Jeep back to Oct 26, which means staying here at least another 3 weeks, darn it. I sure did ruin this trip. I stopped by the Office and worked it out with Gerry and paid him. We are now booked here through 10/28 and hope the Jeep is repaired by then. 

I decided to go into town as I had a few things to take care of. The first stop was at the Social Security office to get a new Social Security card to replace the one I lost a few years ago. Turns out, that I was not registered as a citizen, so it was a good job that I brought in my Naturalization certificate to prove that I was. I became a citizen in 1976, 10 years after I arrived in this country. We got it straightened out and I have a new card on the way. 

From there, I looked up the nearest Dog Groomers and after I arrived, made an appointment for Sandy for next Wednesday. Wait until I tell her about that. She will hate me for it. The next stop was a haircut for me just so that Sandy will not feel alone. I found a place by using my phone and walked in and sat down as I was the only one in the shop. The hairdresser was a very tall and well-built Hispanic who did not look the part at all. Seemed more like he should be doing something different with all those muscles. There was a huge TV attached to the wall, luckily off to one side but it was blaring Hispanic music of all kinds accompanied by very acrobatic men and women cavorting all over the place.. I had taken out my hearing aids so for me, the sound was muted, thank goodness. Sometimes, it helps to be a bit hard of hearing. The guy did a very good job on my hair though and this time, I went back to having it shorter instead of the longer look I have had for the last couple of times. Maybe the difference between a male stylist versus two different women that I have had the last two haircuts. They used scissors only and he used electric clippers and then scissors to do the fine tuning. Incidentally, both of those haircuts were in the Salons found inside of Walmart’s and this one was in it’s own building.

I paid him and tipped him handsomely and went on my way. I passed a Walmart’s but could not think of anything that I needed that could not wait and then drove on to the Hertz Rent-a-Car where I have rented the truck from. I extended my rental through October 25 which is when I hope to get the Jeep back. With that out of the way, the next stop was obviously Starbucks for the Latte to go with me on the drive home. That trip was uneventful although I had a Sherriff’s car pull alongside and glanced down to check my speed. He was not interested in me, and I was below the speed limit anyway. Still, funny what your first reactions are. 

Back in the RV after calming down two excited little dogs and with no groceries to put away, we went out for a walk around the park. There are several different RV’s that have come in for a motor cyclists rally this weekend although it is in Rogers, 30 odd miles away where we last stayed. We wandered around for a bit before returning to sit and write in the blog. 

We went out for one more walk in the early evening before adjourning inside of Quatro. 

Written 10/04/2022. Read my other stories at https://pondblog2011.com