I awoke about 7:00 am to the sound of my neighbor’s truck starting for work and could not drop back off to sleep. I lay there for a bit thinking of what I still needed to do to bring our finances back to some semblance of normalcy because of changing bank account numbers due to the scammers. Deciding that I could not resolve very much just by thinking about it, I crawled out of bed and hit the bathroom. We then went out for the first walk of the day just wandering around. The park is still pretty empty with just the addition of 3 large motor homes and two RV’s. There were a couple of guys that were polishing their motorcycles I guess to take part in the rally in Rogers that is happening this weekend. I complemented them on the shine, and they acknowledged with a wave. 

Back in Quatro, we went through the usual breakfast routine and this time, instead of microwaving one beef taco, I did two and then, ate one and gave bits and pieces of the other one to the dogs who enjoyed the surprise breakfast. We have nothing planned other than straightening out the automated payment messes. 

I decided that I should do a load of laundry and packed the laundry bag and making sure that I had quarters and detergent, headed over the washroom. There is only one washer and dryer, so it is a bit of a gamble knowing it they are in use or not. I figured with today a workday for the few permanent residents and the others probable at the motorcycle meet in Rogers, they should both be available. True enough as I was the only one doing laundry. I dumped the clothes in the washer and added detergent and drove back to the RV. The wash only takes 30 minutes, so I was quickly back to put the clothes in the dryer which takes an hour. This time, I made sure to increase the heat, so I do not have to spread damp clothes all over the RV to finish off the drying like I did last time. 

With the laundry out of the way and put back into the respective drawers and closets, we went out for another walk, this time, walking the field to get in the extra distance. One of the new campers had a couple of dogs out with her and was playing ball with one of them. The dog brought the ball back every time, looking for more. The other dog was still on its leash and was not a bit interested in joining in. My dogs looked on, but I do not know if it was envy or the good old fashioned, “Look, another dog, let’s get ‘em”. Probably the latter especially in Mikey’s case as any other dog is a threat and he needs to guard me from it. Sandy would end up making friends as she usually does although, she can stand up for herself if she needs to. But, comparatively speaking, they are both small dogs and would not do well in a fight against any bigger dog. Incidentally, I could not throw a ball if I tried which is another reason, we do not play fetch. Yesterday, my local squirrel decided to tap dance on my roof and kicked up an almighty racket enough to get me out the door and try to throw rocks at it. An old shoulder injury flared up and I hurt myself and the rocks bounced 10 feet away and nowhere near the damn squirrel. I swear I heard the thing laughing at me under its breath. I grabbed my shoulder as it hurt and decided that the squirrel had won this encounter. 

Back in Quatro, I wrote for a bit and then listened to an Audiobook before going out for the last walk of the day. On our return, we sat outside and continued to listen the Audiobook until it was getting dark, and we adjourned back indoors for the evening. The series I am currently watching, “Third Watch”, developed an interesting turn and it was almost 1:00 am before we went to bed. It does not really matter as we have nothing planned for the day. 

Written 10/05/2022. Read my other stories at https://pondblog2011.com

Southgate RV Park, Fayetteville, AR Thursday Day 29 10/06/2022

45ft of RV and 25ft of trailer. A lot to drive around.

 Even with the late night/early morning, I got up at a reasonable hour and we went out walking. Fifty yards out, I realized that I had left my phone in the RV, again, and we did a quick about turn to rescue it. I like to keep it with me not that I am expecting any calls as I do not get or make very many nowadays. Those I do get are usually spam and are quickly trashed. No, apart from keeping track of the number of steps that we walk, I should always carry it just in case something happens that I need to call for help. You never know. 

We continued walking and saw the same two dogs walking and playing ball again. Obviously from one of the new RV’s that have come in. I always change direction if there is a chance of a confrontation to avoid it which we did in this case. We continued wandering around with me trying hard to get Sandy’s attention to the way ahead and not the dogs behind. 

Back in the RV, I turned my attention to emptying the tanks as the bathroom sink had given me a reminder it was due. The reminder is the water backing up in that sink and it not draining. It is a simple process to drain the tanks although, I fear there is a build up somewhere as the tanks do not gush out as they should but drain out very slowly. Not a topic that one usually discusses in public, but it is an important part of an RV’ers life. In a house, you flush the toilet or empty the sink and do not give it another thought. In an RV, everything has consequences. Even the electricity when hooked up at a campground, is prone to tripping breakers if too many appliances are used at the same time especially if they are on the same circuit. Usually, it is just a case of finding the GFI breaker (which stands for Ground Fault Interrupter} inside the RV and resetting it, a simple process. 

I went to the emails and took care them in the usual way before turning my attention to the blog and caught up with yesterday’s writing and started on todays. We have nothing planned for the day which is one of those with no place to go and not much to do. We would not have stayed here in this park for so long if the Jeep repair was complete but until it is, we have no choice. I am not sure where we are with the RV repairs. 

I spent more time online trying to contact and change the deposits to my banking account which only added to my frustration. Things that should be simple are proving to be so difficult. They are asking for information that I have no clue as these accounts were set up 20 years ago. I fussed with this for a while until frustration drove me outside to walk the dogs some more. They did not mind one bit and I soon walked off my bad feelings. 

I discovered some interesting sights as we wandered around. First was the appearance of a big Class A that was towing a matching trailer which was almost as big. I estimated the combined lengths to be around 65-70 feet long. That is a lot of vehicle to drive down the highway and I take my hat off to the brave man (or woman) who is at the wheel. One thing is certain when they reach a campground and that is, no back in sites. The trailer is used to house the three motorcycles and is also a workshop. Quite the setup. And I worry about towing a small Jeep??? 

We continued with the walk before returning to the RV for the evening meal and television. 

Written 10/06/2022. Read my other stories at https://pondblog2011.com