I decided in my usual way 
that today should be laundry day 
something always fun to do 
that even a person that hasn’t a clue 
can throw the clothes into the machine 
and then can hope they come out clean 
adding detergent and turning the dials 
choosing the time to make it worth while 
wait an hour and then walk over 
and transfer the clothes into the dryer 
add a sheet to make it smell nice 
something we do without thinking twice 
and after another hour has passed 
the journey over will be the last 
and folding the clothes so clean and neat 
and back in the bag and hit the street 
to make the walk back to my RV 
put clothes away just like before 
nice and clean and smelling fresh 
hoping that we passed the test 
except the only ones who care 
are two little dogs whose life I share 
who sleep on the bed one on each side 
clean covers smell nice our own scents to hide. 

Originally Written 03/31/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com