The field.

Even with watching the horrors of the evening before, I managed to drop off to sleep peacefully through the night waking up at a reasonable hour, for us…We went out for the first walk of the day just wandering around the park, changing directions as I spotted other dogs out walking. Gerry, the owner had his big mower out and was cutting the grass on the big field. The family with the kids were out and I stopped to talk to them as they prepared to move on. Apparently, they had locked the truck keys in the truck and as it was a rented truck from Hertz, were waiting for them to come over and unlock it. Three different RV came into the park, one of them parking next door to us. I think it is the same people that were here before, but I could be wrong. The driver, very expertly, backed the RV into the tight space between mine and the second one over with no jockeying. Straight in and quickly set up. Much better driver than me… 

After breakfast, shared with the dogs, I sat down to read emails and then write as I do. As usual, there were only a couple of emails that needed my attention, and I was quickly done with them before moving on to writing the blog to bring it up to date. I followed this by posting yesterday’s blog. I am having to post two days’ worth of blogs at a time to stay caught up otherwise, because of the weekend, I fall too many blogs behind and must listen to BJ complain about it. The good thing about her nagging is that it makes me stay on top of the blogging otherwise face a scheduling mess. That is only partially really the reason because if I do not write daily, I have a hard time recalling what happened. One of the many downfalls of growing old. 

I wrote another nonsense poem about driving the RV with Mikey at the controls thinking how nice it would be if they could contribute more to our way of life. Then again, they give me undivided love and attention which is more than I ever got from any of the women that I either married or dated over the years. Not that I am bitter as my effort was probably not worth much and some of us are destined to live alone. So, dogs and sometimes cats, fill the void although cats are naturally loners and not all of them require human company. Dogs and their Hooman’s, on the other hand, are made for each other. 

I continued to write for a while and all the time, Sandy was giving me, “The Look” which means she either had to “go” or just plain thought it was time that we went out walking. Whatever the reason, I harnessed them both up and away we went this time walking the field. The sun was comfortably warm but not hot and we wandered around without bothering to stay in the shade. There was not a lot of activity in the park, but I did get to say hello to a couple of other campers. 

We sat outside listening to an Audiobook for a while drinking a seltzer and eating a limited number of Potatoe chips. I know that they are not necessarily good for me but I gotta splurge sometimes or what is the sense of growing old? It is getting darker much sooner and it had cooled off considerably and we went back indoors for the rest of the evening. 

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Southgate RV Park, Fayetteville, AR Monday
Day 33 10/10/202

An empty park.

I got up earlier than I normally do just not able to sleep anymore. Another reason was that it had cooled down in the RV, and I needed to turn up the small portable electric heater that I have, using it instead as auxiliary heat in place of the built in RV heating unit which uses propane. It will not suffice when the weather turns really cold although I do have a second one, I could use at the same time. Henly, where we are heading for the winter months does have a Propane Filling Station so we will probably use the house heaters when we get back there. We’ll see. 

We went out walking earlier than we normally do but the park was quiet. I chatted to Gerry, the owner for a bit. He was busy with things around the park, like trimming tree branches and then continuing where he left off yesterday with mowing the grass. There were a couple of people out and about walking their dogs but otherwise, the park was quiet. My Hispanic neighbors have disappeared again, and I have not seen them or their vehicles for a couple of days or nights. I wonder what sort of work schedule they have.  

Following the usual breakfast and coffee, I settled down to read and mostly discard the emails. Then I moved on to yesterday’s blog and completed it before transferring it to the web site. I did not post it as I mentioned earlier, have been pairing up the pages, posting two at a time to stay caught up. Today’s blog will complete this posting when it is finished. Even with double posting, I am still 5 days ahead much to my friend BJ’s annoyance. 

All the motorhomes have pulled out to places unknown. Two of them left at the same time, probably travelling together. Maybe, they are full timers? In any case, the park is very empty again and will stay that way until the next Razorbacks home game on Nov 5. Hopefully, we will be long gone by then as it is cooling down here. We need to get back to the comparatively warmer winters of the southern/central part of Texas. Of all the parks we have stayed at, this one is the emptiest of them all although, a couple of RV’s came in late in the afternoon. 

I spent over a hall hour on the phone talking to my Investment Agent and made a few changes to my portfolio. Like everything else in this world, my shares have lost money over the past year for various reasons but mainly due to Covid and what it has done to the World economy. At least, I still have stocks even if they have decreased in value. Now, all I got to do is hope I live long enough to see the economy rebound but I suppose that is a bit of a moot point because if I am dead and gone, I will not care although it would be nice for those, I leave behind to benefit. 

We took our final walkabout later in the afternoon after I had watched Man United play Everton. It was a good game and Everton gave United a real run for their money ending up on the losing end of a 2-1 score line.  As I watched, Christiano Ronaldo scored his 700 goal in all competitions becoming the first player ever to do that. At the age of 37, he can still play and has the physique to go along with it. A wonderful player. 

With the day drawing to a close, we adjourned to the RV for a meal and to watch more television. 

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