Sandy driving

I like to plan where we go 
as we wander to and fro 
with no particular place in mind 
a journey as yet undefined 
travelling on a general whim 
stopping when we reach the end 
at any particular site we choose 
knowing we have nothing to lose 
we do have a general plan 
in a big circle before we land 
back to where we started from 
and where we began singing this song 
as we drive around each place 
 we are not in any race 
and take our time as we travel along 
heading back to where we belong 
to spend the winter close to home 
wait for the Spring before we roam 
and then back out on the open road 
me and my dogs who share the load 
they are my companions on these trips 
as I drive they are giving me tips 
watch out for that car or maybe that truck 
another near miss boy we are in luck 
Dad is good at driving today 
but then again if he had his way 
Sandy would drive while Dad takes a nap 
and Mikey would watch viewing the map 
and Dad could sleep as we drove along 
living our life and singing our song 
we all know that Sandy can’t drive 
not if we want to stay alive 
Dad must drive where we want to go 
along with the traffic and with the flow 
until we reach our next campground 
which on the map he has found 
set up and stay for a couple of days 
and then move on living this way. 

Written 10/09/2022. Read my other poems at