The Creek

We all slept late, and it was 10:30 before we awoke. I scrambled out of bed and with the barest of morning preparations, we hustled out of the door. It was a beautiful sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. The sun was even warm, and it was very pleasant walking. We had the park to ourselves at least walk wise and did a full circle, walking every road. 

Back in Quatro, I fixed breakfast for myself and coaxed the coffee maker to at least make some sort of a latte, taking much longer than normal but succeeding in the end. I fixed another bacon sandwich that I shared with my two little friends although, I ate the biggest part feeling guilty under Sandy’s unwavering stare. I think she knows that is how she makes me feel and does it on purpose. 

Then, as usual, it was time to peruse the emails hoping that there would be nothing of any importance. Luckily, there was not except one that looked very official from one of the credit card companies telling me to click this link to correct my information. I went back to the email to check the address of the sender and just as I thought, it was another scam job. I hate those sons of bitches with a passion. After trashing that one, I moved on to writing in the blog, catching up on yesterday’s writing and then starting on today. 

I worked for a while and then posted yesterday’s blog along with some pictures I had already worked on so that we are up to date, blog wise. Good thing too as I have a hard time remembering what we did yesterday, and anything further back is ancient history. I remembered that I needed to extend our Jeep rental due to having to stay an extra week and gave Hertz a call to take care of it. I also inquired if they would drive me to the Collision Center on the day and they readily agreed. 

With that out of the way, I knew we were getting low on supplies and made a list of the major items. There are always other things that catch my eye as we wander around the store, and I have to be very restrained from impulse buying. Telling the dogs that they could not come with me, which they are well used to, I jumped in the truck and made the short journey to one of the Walmart Super Stores which is only 3 miles away. Wandering around the store, I found everything that I wanted and then spent some time talking to a sweet young thing about why I could not get my soundbar to work. She was very knowledgeable about it and told me what I needed to try. I thanked her and put the box she had given me in my cart and went on walking. 

Although I have been in this store a couple of times before, I had not seen an RV section until I turned down one aisle and there it was, right in front of me. Feeling like a kid in a candy store, I spent time perusing and settled on a couple of items like RV toilet paper (BJ?) and a fitting to help backwash the tanks to help prevent piles of sh**t from building up, a well-known RV problem. The fitting cost me around $20.00. I have a Macerator unit built into the RV that does the same thing, but the expanding hose is leaking and not usable. A new hose and end fitting starts at $100.00 so the $20.00 I just spent is a much cheaper replacement. Hope it works. I checked out and then found the nearest Starbucks before making my way back to the RV. 

The dogs, as they usually do, were very helpful in putting away the groceries, sniffing each item and giving their OK that I could carry on. Some things took longer to check out than others, but nothing was rejected. I harnessed them up and we wandered around the park and the field for a bit. The park is filling up again so there must be something going on in town or locally. I know it is not a Football game as the next home game is not until November 5th

Back in the RV, I worked on the sound system but am still unable to get the soundbar to work at all. Doing something wrong quite obviously. The regular sound system with the TV works OK but is not loud enough. Actually, I think that my hearing is the problem, and the current deafness is caused by wax build up and I need my ears syringed again. It will have to wait until next month when I get back to Henly along with a few other things that need attention. Also, my right hearing aid is not working properly and again, it will have to wait to get it serviced or replaced. These are all things that you take for granted when you have a fixed abode but when you are on the road, things take a different perspective. Incidentally, I have been deaf since I was 11 years old and have worn hearing aids for most of my life except when swimming or playing sports. 

By the time I finished writing, it was 6:45 pm and time to feed the little guys and then myself. Their evening meal consists of a small piece of Walmart’s doggy loaf cut up very finely and then covered with cooked chicken thighs cut into tiny pieces and sprinkled on the top. They are down to one meal a day and they have hard food that is always available to them. I gave up making them breakfast as they both would not eat it. Of course, breakfast did not have the chicken sprinkled on the top, but they ate small handouts of my bacon sandwich in a heartbeat. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way with food all around and then a glass of wine for me. I spent time trying to find another series to watch and so far, have not had any luck. Oh well, if that is the biggest problem I must deal with, then I would say it was a very good day. 

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