Rain and more rain…

I got up at 6:30 because I wanted to get an early start as today is another travelling day, as we make out way back to Henly.

I had already taken care of most things yesterday, or at least, as much as I could and by 9:00, we were on the road. Incidentally, this is the earliest that we have ever travelled. The RV Trip Wizard, map system on my phone sent me into a park with a golf course before we even hit the Interstate and luckily, there was room to turn around with a U turn before we were on our way again. I changed from the phone to the tablet and things straightened out. I have no idea what is wrong with the phone, at least for RV Trip Wizard. This is the second trip that has led us astray. 

This was a straightforward drive once we hit the Interstate and we covered 140 miles almost to Texarkana in no time flat. Well, OK 3.5 hours later but it was smooth driving all the way. The RV Park was visible as I exited the Interstate and appeared empty. I pulled up and went into the office and a friendly lady checked me in and offered me a site. I mentioned that I would like to leave the Jeep hooked so she obliged by giving me one that is a bit longer. When we first parked, there were no other RV’s parked close to me and this section of the park is almost empty but even as I wrote this, another Class A, bigger than Quatro, pulled in and set up along with a second smaller RV.

I pulled into my spot but before going through the usual process of levelling and hooking up and the other stuff, decided that I needed to reposition and get closer to the utilities. The parking area is so big that I was able to drive forward, make a circle and come back much closer to where I wanted.  Normally, it is drive foreward and then back to reposition the unit.

I had just finished setting it up and an older gentleman wandered over from one of the other RV’s just to chat, which eventually turned to politics as it often does. Usually, I just listen and nod my head keeping my political affiliations to myself. This gentleman was a Republican and a Trump supporter as so many of the RV’ers are. Is it just Republicans that choose RV’ing as a way of life or what? I took the bait and did agree that Biden was weak and should be replaced but also said that Trump is an out and out crook and should not get re-elected. He agreed with me, much to my surprise. After discussion about Quatro, he went back to his RV, and I continued with setting up after taking the dogs for a short walk. We found the dog run just as it came on to a light rain, and we returned to Quatro. 

This park is a plain straight forward RV park with no trees at all except a few young and tiny ones that are planted… At least, we are out of the Ozarks and no frost in the offing. Today’s high is 64 degrees and with rain in the forecast our outside activities will be truly short. 

We took a quick stroll around just so the dogs could stretch their legs and do their business before returning to the RV to sit down and catch up with the blog. I am a couple of days behind because of all the activity, and with my forgetful brain, I need to stay caught up as much as possible.  

I wrote for a couple of hours and then we harnessed up for another walkabout. While out walking, a Maltese mix came trotting over and made friends with both Sandy as well as Mikey would you believe? Surprised me as well. We kept walking, the dog coming along with us, and I wondered what I should do. Then a car pulled up and the driver opened his door and the dog jumped in. Problem solved. 

We wandered back to the RV for the usual food and evening entertainment. 

Written 11/23/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com 

Sunrise RV Park, Texarkana, AR Day 2, Thursday 11/24/2022

That is what I call a real towing rig…

It was raining extremely hard when we finally got up and was coming down enough to wake me. I lay there for a bit before crawling out from under those nice warm covers. I diddled around as much as I could before harnessing up the dogs. They had to go so it did not matter to them how hard it was coming down. I carried an umbrella with me to at least keep me dry as I am the important one and might melt in the rain, right? 

We did not stay out very long but as it was, both dogs were soaked and had to have a good toweling off. I remembered to put the collapsible gate up to the bedroom as Sandy likes to make a beeline for the bed to dry off. I had the electric heaters going as again, we have run out of propane and this park does not sell it although, with the temperatures above freezing, the heaters do a good job.. Maybe, the next park will sell it… 

After a quick breakfast and the all-important coffee, I settled down first to read the world news just to make sure that we were not in a nuclear war or something equally as bad. With nothing of that kind on the radar, I followed this with the usual emails and then switched to RV Trip Planner to confirm that we were all set for our next move tomorrow. We are heading for Travel Time RV Park in Sulpher Springs, Texas. We have one more stop planned after that before pulling in to Henly. 

As I sat here writing a big 5th wheel pulled in. It was towed by a Mack Tractor. This was the first time that I had seen this hook-up and I would not have thought that it was a very economical way to travel. Certainly, there is plenty of horsepower to tow the RV. Still, if needs must and if you already own the Tractor, why not use it to tow the RV. After all, a 5th wheel hook up is just that. What is used on the towing end is just different is all. 

With the blog all caught up and the postings up to date, I looked around for other things to get up to. It had left off raining and I decided to take the dogs walking much to their delight. We wandered around in the wet grass trying to avoid the large puddles of rain which of course, Sandy headed for at every opportunity. I took a bunch of pictures although, compared to the last park, this one does not have much to offer in the way of spectacular scenery. We did not manage to get in our mileage for the day and I am using the rain as an excuse. 

Back in the RV, I disconnected the black tank hose and all that needs to be done outside is to bring in the slides, lower the jacks and disconnect the power cable. There is a lot to be said for overnight or two day stays as the packing is much easier. There is a Love’s Gas station right next door and I plan on filling up when we leave here. At least, I know that I can get to the pumps without any trouble at a Love’s.

It came back on to rain again and it is forecast for the rest of the evening. Hope it leaves off tomorrow. The rest of the time was spent in the usual way of food and entertainment. 

Written 11/24/2022. Read my other blogs at https://pondblog2011.com