Another view of Quatro. Notice Mikey in his favorite spot whenI am not there.

I slept well and awoke refreshed and ready to get up and face the day. The dogs are pretty good and know the morning routine very well, generally staying on the bed until they figure it is time to come and bug me for attention, usually when I am sitting on the john. Funny little things, dogs. I guess that is why I love all of them so much. 

We wandered the park with Miss Sandy leading the way as is her normal style of walking. Mikey stays with me either to protect me from any stray cats or dogs and other dangerous wildlife or for me to protect him from the same varmints. Not sure which. We wandered around and covered our usual half mile as we do most mornings. If we measured on a straight line, it would be half of that distance, but Sandy has no idea what a straight line is… 

I cooked up a bacon sandwich to go along with the coffee with the dogs getting their share. Incidentally, just for the hell of it, I jumped on the scales this morning and have lost a pound and am down to 164, which is a good thing. We do not have anything planned for today as we are moving on Thursday, December 1st back to Henly and looking forward to it. I received notification that site #18 is mine and ready and waiting. 

I put the new window washing brush with the extending handle to good use by trying it out on the big front and side windows of the coach. It did an OK job, but the dirt is really grimed on, and it will need an additive of some sort to really get it clean. Incidentally, the nose prints of my furry friends also presented a problem on the inside and they too will need something stronger than plain water. It will also need a step ladder as even with the extended washer, I could barely reach the top of the window.

As I was already hot and sweaty from my exertions with the temperature reaching 80 degrees for the day, we went out for a walk around the park. I was looking for the dumpster and ended up carrying my bag of trash all the way around and back to Quatro before finding a trash can. The Park has a series of trash cans spaced at intervals around the park. The trick is finding one that is empty. Only in Texas… 

We adjourned inside of Quatro to the relatively cool A/C to sit and write for a while as all the chores are done, the shopping was yesterday and nothing else planned for today. Hard to believe, just a couple of days ago, I had the heat on during the day.  

I sat and wrote for a while and did a couple of other things I had been putting off and then decided to go out for one more walk. This time, Sandy led us to the Dog Run, and I let them both off their leashes. Sandy, as usual, wandered around as there were a myriad of interesting smells for her. Mikey? Well Mikey did his Mikey thing and sat by me the whole time. He is such a funny little guy. 

Back in the RV, I watched a World Cup soccer match before we went about our normal evening thing with food all around and then a movie. 

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Camp Caravan RV Park, Lorena, TX Day 4, Wednesday 11/30/2022

This is the office although, I am not sure it is used.

Today is our last day at this campground and as usual, was spent in preparation for the upcoming drive to Henly, tomorrow. We got up at a reasonable hour only to find that the temperature had dropped considerably. Yesterday, when we arose it was in the mid 50’s, today mid 30’s. When we went to bed last evening a strong wind blew in, enough to rock the RV a couple of times, which had me looking on my phone for hurricane warnings. But it was nothing more than strong wind gusts. 

When we went out for the first walk of the day, it was still breezy, and we wandered around following Miss Sandy’s nose. I was glad of the jacket I had on as it was a bit on the cool side. Only in Texas can it be hot one day and cold the next. 

Back in Quatro, I fixed breakfast which I always share with the dogs even though they only get tiny morsels which keeps them happy. I had the heaters on to keep the temperature up to a comfort level as I sat and wrote in the blog.  

I spent the rest of the day preparing for the move although I do have a problem with emptying the tanks (again) and I spent time working on them with no luck. I decided to go into the closest Walmart’s which is only 3 miles away and bought some tank additives which are supposed to break down whatever is causing the problem. I searched high and low for my drain snake but could not find it. Another one of those things that I have put in a “safe” place. I ended up getting another one at Walmart’s, although it did not help any when I got back and tried it. I think that this is the first time I have shopped at Walmart’s and not bought any food. Everything was RV related. 

Starbucks was less than a half mile and, on the way home and try as I might, I could not stop the car from automatically driving into the drive-thru. I had to order and pay for the Latte though as it is not smart enough to do that, yet. 

Back at the campsite, I messed around trying to get the drains to free up but to no avail. I added the new stuff I had bought and all I can do is wait and hope and to keep my legs crossed in the meantime. My next-door neighbor came out to chat with me about the problem and offered a couple of suggestions which I tried but which did not work. He even offered me the use of his bathroom if needed, which was very nice of him. Apparently, this campground does not have a Public Rest Room and it is the first that I have ever seen a campground without one. It has a Laundromat which only helps with washing clothes not the call of Nature. 

Everything that can be, has been put away into its respective travelling spot. Unfortunately, there is not enough room to hook up the Jeep, leaving me with one extra task for tomorrow but as we only have 140 miles to go, this should not be a problem. I am not supposed to arrive at Henly before noon, which gives anyone else time to pull out if they are in my prospective site. If we leave here around 10:00 am or so, we will arrive around 12:30 pm. 

We went out for the final walk of the day and discovered a trail that I had not noticed before. We did not walk it to the end as it was getting dark but managed to cover 2.3 miles for the day. Pity we did not discover it sooner instead of walking in the park all the time. 

We adjourned back to Quatro for the usual evening meal and television. 

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