I awoke early and could not get back off to sleep and crawled out of bed. Remembering our drain problem, which we had not fixed yesterday, all I did was brush my teeth keeping a wary eye on the sink trap half expecting the water to start bubbling up at any minute. It did not and we went out for a quick walk around the park. 

Telling the dogs goodbye and ignoring their quizzical looks, I locked the RV door and jumped in the Jeep to drive into Austin, heading first to Firestone on the way. I had a slow leak in one tire but when I got there, the place was absolutely crowded with both vehicles and their owners. I took out my small battery-operated pump and managed to get enough air in to match the other tires and then continued to Far West Blvd to pick up my mail. After a quick glance through it, I drove back to Covert Chrysler and Jeep and walked in explaining to the receptionist that both of my key fobs were giving me a signal that the batteries needed replacing. She took me back to the work section for one of the mechanics to change them out. Cost me around $10:00 for something I could do myself except that I could not figure a way to open the fobs to get at the works. I paid close attention and will know what to do in the future. 

From there, I headed to Crestview in Buda and the parts department looking to replace the hose to the Macerator, which they did not have, and neither could they order as there was a backlist for this part. 

I made the drive back to Henly and on the way, one of the clerks called me from my Mail Service saying that I had just received more mail and if I was in the area……As I was not, it will keep until the next time I pick up the mail. 

From there, I drove back to Henly to be met by both Daniel and a little later, Malinda wandered over and we attached the new hose parts I had bought but the RV still would not drain properly. I jumped back in the car and drove to a quaint little Farm Store in Dripping Springs and purchased the parts that I needed.  

Back at Quatro, Daniel made himself small and crawled into the compartment that needed the additional piece of pipe fittings and then began the process of filling and then emptying the tanks working on 4-minute intervals. The tanks’ contents broke loose from the water pressure and before long after several backflushes, Daniel announced that the tanks were clean again and working properly. I thanked them both profusely and they left. 

As I was still in a working mood and in good spirits to boot as I no longer must cross my legs and grit my teeth in anguish as I delayed putting off using the john, I put up the bird feeder not knowing if there are any seed eating birds still around. I did not put out the Hummingbird feeders as they are long gone to warmer climes. I then put down the mats in front of Quatro and placed the wicker couch on it and put the cushions and waterproof cover on the couch. The place is beginning to look like I plan to stay here for a bit, which I do. 

Then, back inside for the usual evening meal and TV, feeling much easier now that the drains are clear. At least, I can wash dishes again. 

Written 12/02/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com