The view from my new site.

Because I was watching the very last episodes of “The Walking Dead,” I went to bed very late, or should that read, very early. At least I slept soundly and did not have any nightmares of being chased by zombies. All that blood and gore is enough to frighten the strongest of us. When I got up, I was going to take a shower but had forgotten to turn the Propane back on and did not fancy taking a freezing cold one. Middle of summer, yes, wintertime, definitely not. 

We went out for the morning walk with Sandy doing her usual thing of going this way and that as each new smell hit her. Even Mikey seemed to remember where we were. A couple of others were out walking but otherwise, the park was quiet and peaceful. It was a bright and sunny day but there was rain in the forecast. 

Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast and the dogs, as usual, had small tasters. They always have hard food available all the time so if they are ever really hungry, they know where to go. I feed them their main meal in the evenings. I am quite sure that what I am eating is much tastier than dog food. I had a couple of chores to take care of before settling down in front of the computer.  

With all the activity of the past couple of days. Apparently, I missed a day’s posting. Either that, or I doubled up on posting two blogs in one day. My fault for trying to stay as close to date as is possible and with the move activity, I never planned far enough ahead. We are back on track now. Actually, it is really my friend B.J’s fault as she is the one that complains if I post too far ahead. 

Many of the tenants that were here before having moved on, including Oozy, the young hustler that I wrote about before. There are a few of the old timers still here and they greet me like a long lost friend if we happen to meet on our walks. Some of them have changed sites as long termers often get first dibs when sites become available as I did with this one. What I like about this site, apart from the fact that I am not really close to anyone else, is that it faces North, and the sun does not shine in through the front windows. This is good and bad as the extra heat in the winter is always welcome. Still, my electric heaters kick in as needed. 

I harnessed up the dogs and we walked around for a bit dropping trash off in the dumpster along the way. I tied the dogs up outside and then went into the laundry room to get the app that can be used to pay for laundry in lieu of putting in quarters. It is very handy, and it tells you when the laundry is finished or in whatever stage it is in, washing or drying. Both Malinda and then later, Daniel stopped by just to chat. Nice that they are friends and not just Park Managers. Mikey is slowly coming around and is starting to make friends with Daniel. 

I received notice that my delivery from Amazon was at the Office and harnessed up the dogs again so they could go with me as I walked over. I had ordered a new shaver head for my electric razor as the old one had worn out to the extent that the blades were shaving my face. Glad to get my old razor back as the cheapo I had bought to temporarily fill in, just did an OK job. You get what you pay for… 

Back in Quatro, I worked on the blog to keep it up to date and then we did the usual evening thing of food and television. Now, with “The Walking Dead” finished, I have to find something else to watch besides the World Cup. 

Written 12/03/2022. Read my other blog at