Home Sweet Home…

We got up at a reasonable hour and then went out for the first walk around the park. It was quiet out and we only said a cheery, “Good Morning” to one camper who was working on his RV. After a short half mile walk, we went back to the Quatro for breakfast. 

As I ate my bacon sandwich, which of course, is shared with the dogs, I thought about what I should do today. I really have nothing planned that will take my time and effort but there were a couple of things that did need some attention. First, I had to find the part that connects the Macerator hose to the RV. We took it off when we were working on the Macerator a couple of days ago and I put it somewhere safe. Now I must find that “safe” place and the part as eventually, I will buy a new hose and reconnect the Macerator back up. The second thing was to check the Jeep to see if the left rear wheel was still leaking. The Jeep has an indicator on the dash that displays tire pressures. 

I found the missing Macerator part where it was supposed to be, in the drainage compartment, much to my surprise and as I suspected, the Jeep tire was still losing air. I thought about it for a bit and decided that I should go into Dripping Springs to get this taken care of as I needed groceries anyway. 

First stop was the H.E.B. where I did all my grocery shopping finding everything plus a couple of other items that sort of snuck into my cart. $187 dollars later I headed back to the car. Groceries are a lot more expensive than this time last year. There is only me to buy for and I do not eat anything out of the ordinary. In fact, you could say my culinary delights are non existant and everything is simple, plain and boring. Goodness only knows what a young family spends on their weekly grocery bill.

Across the road from H.E.B. is a hairdresser that I have used before, and I drove over in the hope they could fit me in as usually, you have to call ahead and make an appointment. I was in luck and sat down and a very nice lady went ahead to chop it off to a more manageable length. She did not have to worry too much about the tiny few hairs left on the top though. She did a good job on the back and sides, and I was very satisfied. 

With two out of four things completed, I stopped at Starbuck’s, to get a Latte which I thought I could drink at the next stop I had planned. This was at a place called Wagoner Tire which is a tire repair place. As it was on the way back to Henly, I drove in. I did not have to wait more than 30 minutes which I spent drinking the Latte and the tire was repaired and I was on my way with $20.00 well spent. At least, I do not have to worry about losing air. 

Back at Quatro, I got all the help I needed to put the groceries away before we harnessed up for the last walk of the day. We wandered around and walked the outside road, chatting to a couple of residents on the way before returning to the RV to both catch up on the blog and for the evening meal. 

Written 12/05/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  

Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 6, Tuesday 12/06/2022

Set up for a long stay. If we are only overnighting, the wicker couch and table stay on the Jeep carrier and the bird feeders on the right, stay in the RV storage.

We crawled out of bed at a reasonable hour, and I jumped into the shower mostly to wash my hair after yesterday’s haircut. This was followed by the usual meandering around the park for the first walk of the day. Daniel stopped by on his rounds, and we chatted for a while. Then Malinda came over and we squared away some business that we had before I eventually went back inside of Quatro for breakfast and coffee. 

As usual, I checked emails not finding one that needed my attention. World news was as depressing as it usually is, and I even read an article on where to go when World War 3 breaks out. Not “IF” but when. What a depressing thought. Not surprising though as there has been conflict in this World from the very beginning with the first cave men and has gone on ever since. 

With things caught up, I looked around for something else to do and went out and emptied the tanks mainly to check and make sure that there were no blockages. Everything was working fine and there was a good flow. Interesting that the hot topic for the day is how well the septic system is functioning. Only in an RV as all RV owners will appreciate. 

I sat around for a bit contemplating on the state of the world and such grand things before deciding to go out walking. It was a warm day even though it was a bit overcast which got me thinking of the time we recently spent in the Ozarks where it is much cooler. Even to the extent of having it snow a couple of times. Glad to be out of there and back in Texas at least, this time of the year. Summertime, not so much. 

What we left in Arkansas.

We wandered around the park and then hit the road that leads to Hwy 290. Since the construction was completed at the other end of Henly Loop, the traffic on this end has dropped off considerably because most of the residential area is at that end. Sandy wanted to keep walking giving every sign she was ready to walk down to the bottom park entrance and come in that way but between us, Mikey and I persuaded her that she should take the shorter way back to Quatro. 

Back indoors, I had to get one of the fans working to cool the place down as it had warmed up that much although we will need the heaters later this evening when we are sitting around. I even managed to work up a sweat when we were walking. The Jeep windows really needed cleaning and as I had bought some window cleaner in HEB, I went out and cleaned them as needed. Now at least, they will not fog up as before. 

We went out for another walk as I was determined to clock 2 miles for the day. We wandered around the park and eventually ended back at Quatro having covered a total of 2.1 miles. Yeah. 

I sat outside for a while just watching the world go by although there was not much action to see. After a while, it started to cool off and we headed back indoors for the evening which was spent as most evenings are with food and television. 

Written 12/06/2022. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com