This is the very last day of 2022, never to be seen ever again at least by humankind. Who knows what may happen in the future. Aliens from another world or we destroy our own planet or maybe even both. It is very naïve and unrealistic to really believe that we are the only species that live in this Universe. 

It was another very nice morning, and I was able to walk around without a jacket. We just wandered wherever Sandy decided we should go although, I kept her inside the park as there was more wind shelter there as compared to the outside roads. We spent time talking to the big dog’s owner as he made a big fuss of Sandy. I told him where the closest parks are, including City Park. Another lady stopped to make a fuss of Sandy and she had more than her fair share of petting for the morning. 

Back in Quatro, I unpacked the new coffee maker that I have bought to replace the one that now only brews coffee and does not froth milk only to discover that I need things called Keurig Pods to make it work. Somehow, I forgot them yesterday. I had no choice but to use the old maker for at least the coffee and foregoing the froth, just dumped milk in it. It got me awake for the morning and ready to go, sort of. 

I did the usual email thing but did not touch todays blog as I had other plans. This included posting one especially for just the Holiday Season. I meant for it to go live on New Year’s Day but inadvertently posted it for today. Oh well, the message is still the same basically wishing all of my readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year. 

I jumped in the Jeep after telling the dogs I would not be long and drove into the Dripping Springs HEB hoping to find the Keurig Pods that I needed. I did not find them but did buy the dog food meat loaf that was also something I came in for. That was the only item that I could not remember that was on my list that I left behind a couple of days ago. 

Determined to find the pods, I drove into Walmart’s in Austin and after some searching, because I was looking in the wrong place, finally found them. I drove back to Henly via what I call the back way so that I could stop at Starbuck’s for a coffee. When I pulled up, the line was about 15 cars long and after a minutes consideration, I drove out of line and headed back to my local Starbucks in Dripping Springs where the line was two cars long, me and the one in front of me. 

The dogs were waiting in their usual spot sitting in the front window of the RV and got all excited when they saw me pull up. We harnessed up made doubly more difficult because of them jumping around but eventually, we walked out of the door. This time, we took the long lane outside of the park heading down the hill.  

I watched as a truck stopped and then turned around before pulling up a short distance further back. Two men jumped out and headed for the fence just out of my sight. The next thing I knew, a large buck ran across the road in an obvious hurry, and it turns out that it had tangled in the fence doing one of the lazy jumps where they do not quite clear the top wire. I am glad that the men were able to rescue it as it would have been a bit of problem for me to do it by myself. The buck probably weighed at least 200 pounds and had antlers 

We continued with the walk with both dogs getting all excited when they came across the fresh scent of the buck. Nothing else eventful happened as we made our way back to Quatro. Altogether, I managed to cover 2.4 miles for the day. Walmart’s and HEB are both great for racking up the steps. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion although, when I got back, I had a delivery from Malinda which was the damaged part. Maybe, I will install it tomorrow. 

So ends our adventures for 2022 with my two little dogs, Mikey and Sandy and our life together in Quatro, our RV. We have had a lot of adventures together this past year, travelled a lot of miles and seen a lot of the country. We have also had our share of bad luck caused by my own carelessness but all of that is water under the bridge and we look foreward to a fresh start as we welcome in 2023.

Happy New Year, everybody. 

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