Night Blooming Water Lily

Where have you been my friends all ask
What has been happening that you must task
yourself with lying low, and not putting on a show
nothing on your blog site yet and how is it that you get
time off from what it is you do, which the rest of us haven’t a clue
of how it is that you spend your day, working on things in order to pay
for all of the good things that you have in your life, good heavens man, not even a wife
to keep your nose to the grindstone and yet
you never seem to ever forget the things that it is you are working on
we know that it cannot be a song as a tune you can’t carry so why even try
to figure out the reason why, you have been so quiet these last two weeks
I remember, an ear infection and vertigo did keep
me from being an active man, doing the things I normally can
but life is much better you hear me say
the vertigo is going away, two blogs today I did post
I’m back in the swing of things and the most
that you will hear me say, I’m getting better every day.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist