I got up early knowing that I had to go into town for a Dentist appointment. Just love going to the Dentist….not. We walked around and stopped to chat to an older lady who made a fuss of the dogs. Even Mikey got his share of the petting. Taho was outside and we made a fuss of him, but he was more interested in sleeping. He is one big ball of incredibly soft fur. We finished the walk and returned to the RV for breakfast. 

Then followed the usual routine of emails and the blog as I waited for it to get closer to the time I needed to leave to get into Austin. 

I allowed myself 2 hours for the trip as I had to go all the way to Far West Blvd to pick up my mail which took a little over an hour to make. I had a problem with one missing bit of mail or so I thought but it turns out that I had picked it up on the earlier visit. 

From there, I drove back down MoPac to 35th street as my Dentist is located in that area. The traffic was not too bad as it was not yet rush hour and I made it on time and even getting there early. I made good use of the time while I waited by opening the mail I had just picked up. 

I walked into the Dentist’s office and they at once went to work with barely any wait time. Dentistry is not like it was years ago in England. Back then, you knew there would be some pain but with modern Dentistry, there is only discomfort. The Dentist and his Assistant worked diligently and in no time flat, were through. The only bad moment was me having to sneeze in the middle of whatever he was doing. He warned me not to drink anything hot without a straw as my upper lip was numb and I would not realize I was burning it. He had propped my mouth open and my jaw muscles were sore from it being open so long.

From there, I drove to another store with the view of buying something to wear inside the RV on my feet and looked at a couple that would have done the trick. The only problem was that they were over $100.00 a pair and I could not see me spending that sort of money for what are essentially, slippers, especially as I had just bought something similar in Walmart’s for $18.00 although, unfortunately, they did not work for me. Nowadays, I need shoes and slippers that have a hard sole and a raised heel for balance.

Giving up on that idea, I drove back to Henly stopping at the Starbucks in Dripping Springs for the inevitable Latte. As I was getting ready to pull into Tractor Supply, I noticed a bunch of people from Austin Pets Alive who, luckily for me were just packing up and had put away all of their dogs and cats. It’s not like I need another dog but so many of them need good homes and that is what we can offer. That and lots of love, attention and companionship.

I walked around the store but could not find what I was looking for and I drove home to Henly. There, I was met by my two little buddies who did not know just how close they were to having another friend. Timing is everything. We walked around stopping to talk to Daniel and I gave him the slippers as I did not like them. We sat outside for a while and then went on one more walk, this time on the Henly Loop towards Hwy 290. Altogether, I covered 2.4 miles for the day and the dogs not quite as much, but they still got lots of exercise. 

We adjourned back to Quatro to both write the blog and for the evening meal and of course, to watch an English Premier League game on the TV. 

Written January 16, 2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com