I got up early knowing that I had an eye Doctor’s appointment in Austin, and I try to be early for any appointments that I have. We went out walking and I ran into several newcomers, some with dogs, and spent quite a bit of time visiting before eventually heading back to Quatro. Daniel stopped by to join in the conversation and Mikey even went to him to say hello. I think he may be coming around. Mikey, that is… 

I walked back to Quatro as I had that appointment and was preparing to leave when I received a phone call from the Optometrist telling me that one of the machines that would have been used in my eye exam was not working and that I needed to reschedule. My next appointment is now almost a month away. Gives me more time to find the missing glasses, yeah, right? 

With the morning’s plans shot, I went into Dripping Springs anyway as I was out of doggy poop bags which are essential to us as we walk the campground. Out on the outside roads, not so much. I needed other things as well, so we headed for the HEB and after considerable searching, I eventually found the poop bags, hanging up and not on the shelves and I almost missed them. 

I bought dog food as well and did some shopping for myself before checking out. I was about to head to Starbucks for coffee and breakfast, but the line, that I could see from my vantage point in the HEB parking lot, was almost stretched out onto the road, and I quickly gave up on that idea. I headed back to Henly to be met by my noisy little friends who, as usual, helped to put the groceries away. At least, they are always pleased to see me. 

I had noticed that the Jeep was showing that it was out of washer fluid which I had previously bought on a different trip. I popped the hood on the Jeep and then found the bottle of washer fluid stored in Quatro. Luckily, I knew which compartment it was in and did not have to search for it. After adding the fluid, I tried to close the hood and it would not latch properly. With visions running through my head of the repair fiasco for the same problem while we were in Fayetteville, I found the can of oil that I have and used it to lubricate the locking mechanism. Lo and behold, it worked, and the hood latched perfectly. 

With that chore out of the way, I headed back inside for a late breakfast and coffee. The coffee was of the instant variety and breakfast consisted of a couple of chocolate cakes that I happened to have laying around in the fridge. Not exactly a hearty breakfast but better than nothing, maybe not. 

I gave the dogs a couple of treats and each of them found their own hidey holes to chew on them for a bit. I sat down in front of the computer to catch up on emails and then concentrated on writing the morning’s blog. I completed and posted a couple which brought us up to date, before looking around for something else to get up to. 

I considered going back to Reimers Ranch to go walking but decided against it as it was already getting late in the afternoon, and instead, we walked around the park and out onto Henly Loop and then the bottom road. There was no sign of the big dog and the bottom of the gate was not fixed. Hopefully, he is in a pen closer to the house. Altogether for the day, I covered 2.2 miles. 

Back in the RV, it was quite late by the time we finished the evening meal. We watched one English Premier League game and went to bed. 

Written January 17, 2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com