Look at all of the room around this bed.

I had a restless night probably due to the change in surroundings plus a new bed and eventually rolled out around 9:30 am. We harnessed up and wandered around the park and down the hill for a bit. It was not exactly raining but the air was damp and uncomfortable, and we quickly turned around and headed back home. 

I changed out the gas bottle as I could not get the heater to work in the RV, but it turns out that was not the problem. Both Malinda and Daniel stopped by and Malinda showed me how to get the heaters to work through the thermostat. Daniel inspected my bottle change out and pointed out a couple of things for future reference. 

I made a quick breakfast and then started on loading stuff from one RV to the other. I kept confusing myself over what was where in both RV’s as my mind struggled to adjust to the two different storage layouts. Most of the stuff in the actual storage areas on Quatro will remain there. It is accessible to me any time, less than 100 yards away. Most of what I was moving was everyday items. 

I worked on this for the rest of the day before harnessing up the dogs for an afternoon walk around the park and out onto Henly Loop. We were lucky that a Zebra was close to the fence and a couple of deer were just behind him. We took a couple of pictures, well I did. The dogs just stared at the animals. For us, it was another great walking day as we covered 2.7 miles.  

My next-door neighbor from one of our earlier sites stopped in his car as we were walking, and we chatted for a while. He, like most others, wanted to know what were my plans with the two RV’s. I explained that the new one is my permanent home and that Quatro is for travelling.  

With the day ending, we adjourned back to the new RV for the usual evenings meal and entertainment watched on my laptop as I have not got the TV working yet. 

Written 01/30/2023 Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com