For some reason, I slept late, and it was 10:00 am before I even rolled out of bed. After the usual morning ablutions, we went out for a walk around the park and as is the normal fashion, stopped to talk to anyone we saw, especially if they had dogs. 

When we got back, I spent time watering the plants to encourage them to grow before fixing breakfast and coffee 

I noticed that my next-door neighbors, BJ, and Peggy were working on their RV so naturally, I stopped to find out why. Turns out, they had purchased one of the RV’s that had been parked next to Quatro at the bottom of the hill to have more living space. I know all about that as I have done the same thing over the years. They are both school bus drivers for Dripping Springs Independent School District and are moving to this park permanently and need a bigger and roomier rig.  

At least I will know who my neighbors are in the near future. They plan to sell the Class C they are currently living in. Class C’s are great for moving around as they are small and compact but there is not much room for permanent living. They are the sort of rig that weekend campers like to use, not the full timers…Do not get me wrong, there are some nice Class C’s out there with multiple slldeouts that do offer more living space but overall, space is somewhat limited. 

We had a few outside chores to take care of before just sitting around and relaxing. I listened to the current Audiobook and drank a couple of very small bottles of wine. I am not the drinking man I used to be as even those two small bottles had my head spinning. We sat outside continuing listening to the Audiobook and waited for my head to clear before we took the last walk of the day. 

Back inside of the RV, I fixed us our evening meal and then we watched another Premier League Football game and more episodes of “Farscape”. Incidentally, I am nearing the end of that particular show and in truth, am not too sad about it. The show, for the first couple of years, was fun to watch but the last few episodes have been really weird. The episodes seem disjointed and the stories are not flowing as they should. Luckily, I am coming up to the very last episode which is a good thing. Then it will be time to find something else to watch. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Dripping Springs, TX Day 100, Friday 03/10/2023

It is hard to believe that we have been back here 100 days already. Where does the time go? 

I awoke early to a dull and cloudy day with rain in the forecast. As we have nothing planned, it matters not what the weather does. It had already cooled off when we went out walking and I was extremely glad about the jacket I had on as we wandered around and out in the Loop. We did not see anyone else walking, either with or without their dogs. 

Today is one of those quiet days with nothing planned. It is cool and gray enough to stay indoors except for our walks which are a necessity for both the dogs and me. Even Daniel was late getting out and about, which is unusual for him. I authored a poem as I have been amiss in that area lately and have had to use poems from the Archives to post on Saturdays. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it means that my brain is not active which is not a good thing. One way to stall the inevitable onslaught of a failing memory is to keep the brain active as much as possible. That is why my writing is so important, not necessarily to any readers that may follow along, but for my own sanity and longevity. 

As I watched, being the nosy and inquisitive person that I am, my new next-door neighbors, B.J. and Peggy had moved their RV to the site next door which got me wondering why. Then Malinda appeared driving Jeff’s truck and towing an RV which she parked and set up in their site. Turns out that they had purchased one of the RV’s parked in the storage area that was for sale because they needed more room. They had managed to sell their Class C in the same transaction. Both Malinda and Jeff worked hard setting up the new RV for them as the ladies were both away at work. 

As I looked from my viewpoint inside of the RV, Malinda, now joined by Daniel, changed from setting up the RV to removing the broken limbs from the surrounding trees. The frost that damaged the trees left many branches not completely broken off but still hanging making for a hazardous and dangerous situation. Some of these branches are large and heavy enough to cause damage to whatever or whoever is underneath them when they eventually fall. 

This got me wondering about our location although, The Caboose is not actually located under any trees, my new garden is and there are a couple of broken branches just waiting to fall on my new plants. Not much I can do about it except wait and see. 

The pair of them stayed busy for a couple of hours hauling off the branches behind the four-wheeler. When they finished, they both came over to my RV, and we sat talking for a while. The conversation turned to my next-door neighbors who they had been helping. Malinda explained that she had handled the sales of both units and the conversation turned to Quatro. I mentioned that I might be interested in selling it as I was not sure that I wanted to take more trips. 

We spent time discussing the possibilities and Malinda wandered down to get the information from Quatro. When she came back, she started looking at current prices and such. It is not the money as I have enough to last me the rest of my life. I just hate to see a perfectly good RV just sitting when it should be on the road with others enjoying it. 

Quite honestly, I am so comfortable here in this park that I am not sure I want to drive around anymore. As the sole driver, any trips I take are just a blur of highways, cars and trees flashing by. Most campgrounds are pretty much all the same with some better than others. The people are interesting, and it is nice to walk different trails or visit different parks but, in the end, one place may be different than the last, but they are all very much alike. 

We left the conversation with me promising to get back to her when I decide just what I want to do. They left and as we were still harnessed up, we went out for another wander around stopping to chat to whoever we ran into. Most people are friendly and there is only the occasional person that makes no effort to be friends or hold a conversation. Their loss…

Back in The Caboose, we did the usual evening thing food, wine, and television. 

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