English: A dandelion clock ("wishie"...
Dandelion Clock

Do not forget tonight to set
your clocks and watches one hour ahead
or tomorrow you will find that you are one hour behind.

March twenty is a Tuesday, I hear
springtime will start for another year
That is ten more days from now I fear
but in my yard I can see its fate
that Spring is not waiting for its date
and has already arrived here, not to be late

I love this time of the year
when new things grow and old things clear
away to make room for the new growth
that is already starting to appear
and Nature does her wondrous thing
and spreads her arms in a glorious swing
and what she touches and where she points
new things grow to give much delight
to those of us who join the fight
to keep things beautiful with all of our might.

© Francis Allcorn
Photo Artist