The Caboose. My home.

I never thought all those years ago
just how much my life would slow
as the years have quickly passed
hoping that it would not be the last
to find myself where we are today
and thinking back at lifes play.

When I was a much younger man
with a life ahead that I had planned
hoping things would work the way
I wanted them to day by day
never thinking far down the road
at the life that I had chose.

Time passed as it always does
and the life slipped by in such a rush
and before I knew I was middle aged
and felt I had not turned the page
was still a young man in my mind
and growing old was not yet time.

More time was gone and before I knew
my working days were becoming few
and thoughts of retirement came to the fore
and I could not wait to close that door
to spend the remainder of my days
doing things in my own way.

I awoke one day and with a jolt
that hit me like a thunderbolt
my life was coming to an end
the time I had left how would I spend
and at the age of eighty three
decided that it would be in an RV.

And so my life took a new turn
as in an RV I started to learn
the joys of living a simple life
not hampered by having a wife
who would probably have a different view
of the life that I would choose.

So now I live a quiet life
in an RV free from strife
with very few worries from day to day
no longer travelling along the way
here to stay in one place
living life at my slow pace.

I have a lot of friends here in this park
who stop and chat to create the spark
of having companions who live the same
older folks who have played the game
and like me have chosen this life
living it slow with little strife.

Who knows what the future may bring
it does not matter as we have had our fling
living what we had as a life
maybe with or without a wife
my two little dogs are my best friends
and we will love each other to the end.

Written 03/18/2023 Read my other poems at