This pictures and the lead in one are taken on our walk on Henly Loop. These are just the ones that have washed into the creek. By the same brands on the cans, I imagine one or maybe, two people are responsible for this trash. Shame on them…

I awoke early but decided to just lay there and must have dropped back off to sleep as it was almost 9:30 am when I got out of bed. It really does not matter very much as we have nothing planned except a trip into town for groceries. 

The first thing was that all important walk around the park. When we got back, I put the dogs on the porch and then went about the business of refilling the bird feeders that the deer had emptied overnight. They had even knocked one of the feeders off the hanger but luckily, it did not break.  

As I was working, Malinda and Sarah, the lady who owns the park stopped by. Sarah complemented the work on the deck, and I asked her if I could paint it grey to match the RV. This was at the suggestion from my friend BJ in Bastrop whom I had sent a picture. Sarah had no problems with the color in fact suggesting it was a good idea and even offered me some tips on what to buy. I thanked her and she left along with Malinda. 

With the color resolved, all I need to do is work up the enthusiasm to buy the paint and then do the actual work 

As it happened, I had to go into Dripping Springs on a grocery run and the first stop was at The Home Depot where I made my way to the paint department. After some discussion with the lady behind the counter and referring to the pictures of the RV on my phone, I was presented with a gallon can of grey stain which, hopefully, will be close to the RV’s colors. I also bought a couple of paintbrushes so that I am ready to go. All I have to do is work up some enthusiasm for the work. Have I mentioned that I dislike painting… 

I wandered into the plant area and bought a miniature rose bush to add to the collection which now resides on the steps. I gotta stay away from those plants… 

From there, I went to the HEB which is located virtually next door. Originally, all I needed was milk but of course, I found a few other things to put in the basket. I limited the booze to just a single bottle of wine. Incidentally, I forgot to get the milk. 

Back at the RV, the dogs helped with the groceries in their usual way before we harnessed up to go out for the afternoon walk. We wandered around stopping at Daniels RV just to be nosy as he was busy working on his Jeep. Turns out, he had bought a carrier for the back, similar to the one I have although, his does not fold up like mine. 

I didn’t stay long, and we continued on our walk around the campground, finally ending back at The Caboose. I thought I should catch up with the blog as my memory, being what it is, does not recall things like it used to. I opened the computer only to find that the operating system was asking for a password. I have two books where I record the passwords that get changed often and the list is constantly growing. One of the notebooks must be at least 10 years old.  I could not find a password that would work to start the operating system and get it going again. In the end, I had to give up as I was getting frustrated and had to catch myself from throwing the bloody thing through the window. The only thing that stopped me was the damage it would cause to the RV window. 

I took it out on the dogs by making them walk around the park with me although, they did not mind one little bit. We returned for the evenings meal and then a Premier League Football match. 

The stupid computer will keep until another day. 

Written 05/08/2023. Read my other blog at