One of the Hummers who was not quite still hence the shaky looking picture.

I got up early and poked my head out the door to find a dull and overcast day. It had cooled off quite a bit and I had put on an extra shirt for the walk. We ran into Malinda and Delores who were also out walking and stopped to chat with them.  

I wandered back to the RV after walking the park and BJ, of the BJ and Peggy pairing, pulled up in her car to stop and chat. They had bought a larger RV and because of its size and moved to a different site a little further away. 

For clarification, the sites are different sizes based on location and space availability when the park was built so, RVs are paired by size to each site. That does not mean that if the only site available is a big one and the incoming RV is only a small camper, the park owners will not allow it to park. After all, money is money. The law of physics of trying to fit something small into a too big space does not apply here. On the other hand, trying to fit something big into to a smaller space is a whole different problem. 

Back at The Caboose, I tied the dogs up so they could watch and went about the business of straightening up the bird feeders. Today, there were three of them on the ground where the deer had knocked them down to get to the contents. The 4th one was empty but still hanging. The very large one that I had secured with the bungie cord was still upright and full of seed, so I need to devise a similar system for the ones the deer have knocked down. At least, as far as I could tell, they did not eat the flowers… 

Back in the RV, I fixed a bacon sandwich and made the all-important coffee and settled down in front of the computer. I spent time reading the World news marveling at some of the stuff I was reading. Are people really that stupid or that gullible? 

I read of a couple of instances where someone shot somebody else for the simplest of reasons, which means they will probably spend the rest of their days in jail. You must wonder what drove them to be so bloody stupid as not only did they end the other person’s life but theirs as well, essentially. There is no logic to those decisions. How can you possibly get that angry? 

The new computer still sits in its box, unopened. I really need to decide if I want to keep it or return it now that the old one is working again. I think I will hold on to it for a couple of days to see how the old one works out. 

I posted a couple of blogs and am now caught up in that department. It is surprising how much work goes into blogging. In my case, subject matter is easy as basically it is a journal of my daily happening. I try to take a lot of pictures although many of them are repetitious as there are only so many different interesting things in my little part of the world. As I have mentioned before, I write to keep my brain active not because I have the most interesting things to talk about. 

We went out for the afternoon walk before returning to The Caboose where we sat outside listening to an Audiobook and drinking seltzer. Both Daniel and Malinda stopped by to enquire if I had a certain size drill bit which I was sure that I did. We went back to my single storage area to look but after getting everything out, had no luck in finding it. I even went inside and looked under the bed which, incidentally, leads to the outside storage but again with no luck. Full of apologies, and a bit worried because I know I have a whole bunch of large drill bits somewhere, we put everything back. 

Daniel just blew it off and told me to come over for a beer which, incidentally, included supper although I was not to know that until I got there. We sat and talked and before long, we were joined by Kerry who sat and chatted with us for a while before the party broke up and I went back to the RV. 

I fed the dogs, and we settled down to watch English Football before going to bed. 

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