I awoke early and even got up early, at least for me. I have no idea why I could not sleep but obviously, something was on my mind. I am sure it would surface during the day if it was important. 

We went out walking around the park with the weather not sure of what it wanted to do. It was already hot and muggy, and the temperature is forecast to be in the high 80’s. The walk was uneventful, and we did not see anyone as we wandered around. 

Back in the RV, I fixed us breakfast following which, we tidied up the RV before settling down to catch up with the blog. 
I went outside to work on the bird feeders as the deer had done a number on some of them. The work involved anchoring the bottom of each feeder down with bungy cords to stop the deer from tipping the feeders sideways and emptying the contents to eat. I had the dogs tied to the picnic table so they could watch and “help” while I was doing this. While I was at it, I refilled the couple of feeders and replaced the seed cake that the deer had worked on. Incidentally, they must really like the seed cake as after they broke the holder down, they ate the entire cake. Still, as long as eating seeds keeps them away from the garden…. 

With the outside work done, we went out for another walk, this time, we wandered over to where the new swimming pool is being built just to be nosy. For somebody that has spent a lifetime in construction working as a very high level, I was interested in watching the pool being built. 

With my observations out of the way, we wandered to the outside lane and walked it back to the entrance to the park and then back to the RV where we grabbed a seltzer and sat outside listening to an Audiobook for a couple of hours. In that time, the seltzer turned into a beer but only just a single bottle. No sense in overdoing the stuff. 

Time passed and a couple of people stopped by to chat before moving on with their own walking exercise. Seeing them walking made me decide that it was time that we hit the Trail again and I harnessed up the dogs and we wandered around for the last walk of the day. 

Back inside, I fed the dogs and Sandy wolfed hers down as she normally does. Mike had been eating grass on our walks, a sure sign he was not feeling well and would not eat his food. He had also thrown up while we were out, which is what the grass eating was for. Nature’s way for the dogs to relieve their sore bellies. This probably explained why he would not eat his food. 

I fed myself and watched a Premier League game with Mikey sitting in the chair alongside me. Sandy was in her usual spot in her basket under the table. Just on the off chance that he was ready to eat, I put his bowl alongside him and he just wolfed it down. Not only that, he investigated Sandy’s bowl just in case there were some left over. Of course, there wasn’t as she eats all of hers, and if it was edible, she would eat the bowl as well. I was very pleased that Mikey was feeling well enough to be eating again and it was a big load off my mind. 

We finished the day in the usual fashion. 

Written 05/11/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com  


The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Friday 05/12/2023

We were up early and walking the park at a very reasonable hour, at least by our standards. It was overcast and there was rain in the forecast, but it had not started yet. We did our usual walk about chatting to the few people that we met. We even stopped at the puppy that had scratched me up before, only this time I made sure to be just at the end of its leash. Not going to get scratched again by that exuberant puppy. This time, he rolled over on his back looking for belly rubs which of course, he got. 

Back in the RV, we had breakfast or should I say, I had breakfast. I feed the dogs one meal a day in the evening, which I have found by experience, is when they like to eat. Sandy is always looking for a share of whatever I eat and sometimes, if she is lucky, she just gets a nibble. Mikey could care less and is much more disciplined in his eating habits and his taste of food. Probably why he still has his boyish figure… 

I thought about going into town as I needed a couple of things and then decided that it would keep for another day. Instead, I concentrated on the blog posting the very latest one and started another. I could almost write way ahead as nothing very much changes from day to day. 

We went out for yet another walk around the park and the outside roads. Upon our return, we sat outside listening to an Audiobook with both an exceptionally good story and a very good narrator.  

Sitting on the new porch is a very pleasant experience. I am up a bit higher than the ground and can sit and watch the world go by. Other campers sometimes stop and chat when they are out walking and generally speaking, those that drive by in their cars always wave a greeting. We may not know each other by name but are familiar enough to greet each other. That is the camping way. 

The rest of the day was spent doing nothing except listening to the Audiobook. We went out for the last walk of the day and just wandered around and managed to cover 1.3 miles. 

Written 05/11/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com