We wandered around as we usually do 
in what direction we had no clue 
wherever Miss Sandy wanted to go 
with me and Mikey along in tow 
she dragged us here and then over there 
using her nose with scents so clear 
that to me did not exist 
I pulled and tugged but she did persist 
and in that direction we would all go 
for her to explore what her nose did show 
Mikey does his share of using his nose 
but where she goes he too must go 
to smell the same smells but different to him 
as both are driven on a whim 
as maybe they can interpret the smell 
a boy or a girl they can they both tell 
a wondrous world of sights and sounds 
add to the smells which their world abounds 
while us humans are stuck with what we can see 
our scents not defined as incredibly. 

In many ways it can be said 
that a dog’s life though short is not misread 
they love the people that treat them well 
and truth be known would go through hell 
to look after the ones they love the most 
guarding and loving at their post 
protecting the ones that with their lives 
in days gone by helping to survive 
but now just a pet sharing a home 
both never wanting to be alone. 

I love my dogs… 

Written 05/15/2023 Read my other poems at https://pondblog2011.com