This is the lone Zebra which I have not seen in quite a while

I awoke early and got up a little after 7:00 am. When I stepped outside with the dogs, Daniel saw me and gave me a really hard time about getting up so early. We went out for the first walk and just wandered around. I do not think the dogs could figure out why we were out at this unearthly hour. That’s OK as I could not understand it either. 

When we got back, I had a few things to do outside, one of which was to check the paint for the steps to see if the brushes could be cleaned in water.  I ended up calling The Home Depot paint department and they affirmed that indeed, it was water soluble. 

Daniel stopped by and had the same sinus problems that I have. It must be something in the air. He had a little project to do two campsites away and asked me to help him. I think he just wanted the company as I really did not do much in the way of assistance. 

Back at The Caboose, I fixed breakfast which really did not go down very well. I must remind myself not to eat that junk again whatever it was. It seemed like a good idea at the time… 

Daniel stopped by and we chatted for a bit. He and Malinda are taking the bus out on a trip for the weekend, and he is all excited about it. I watched as they broke camp and got the bus ready to travel and had the system down very well. The son and his wife drove up late and they all took off to go to the coast. That is exactly what that big bus is for, not to sit in a parking lot and grow dust. 

I turned my attention to the latest project which was to paint the new steps grey to match the RV. Dorothy said that she is going to help me tomorrow and she stopped by to give me a hard time because I had already started without her. I explained to her that what I was doing was dismantling the steps so that the step boards can be painted on both sides plus the underside that is hard to get at. 

She went on her way, and I resumed what I was doing and just as I was getting to the end of it, I felt the leg muscle tear again. It really hurt and I hobbled around completing the work and called it quits after washing off the paintbrush. 

That was the end of the painting for me for today although I still have the entire other set of steps to do. Not today though, I hurt too bad. I was really screwed regarding any physical activity. I said, “to hell with it” and grabbed a small bottle of wine in despair. If I drink enough of them, I am sure to feel better. And the day was going so well…Stupid old body. 

I limped back up the steps to the RV and sat in front of the computer to pour out my tale of woe. This blog is obviously full of self-pity. There is nothing sadder than an aging athlete who is now older than dirt and refuses to admit it.

I sat around and wrote in the blog to help pass the time and then decided to take a nap after swallowing four Ibuprofen in the hopes that it would help the pain in my backside. That is the second muscle I have torn in that area in the past couple of months so it must have weakened up over the years. All that kicking and cutting as I put on the moves, no doubt finally catching up with me. 

We slept for around 4 hours before waking to take the dogs out walking. I dug out one of my walking poles just as I had done a month or so ago, harnessed up the dogs and we were off, wandering around the campground. 

We did not go very far as I limped around and stopped to chat to a couple of new campers that had arrived before heading back to The Caboose for the rest of the evening. We sat outside and listened to an Audiobook for a while until it was almost dark. 

Before retiring for the evening, I let the canopy back in just in case the wind got up in the night. I also brought in the two deck chairs to keep them dry. I had previously let in the table canopy and strapped it together. Can’t be too careful. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way with food, drink and television. I watched Brighton play although Solly is injured and will be out for the rest of the season. For whatever reason, Brighton kept on making mistake after mistake and finally, I turned it off not even waiting for the final whistle and went to bed not knowing the result I was so disgusted in the way they played. Some supporter, I am…

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