The weather here is acting strange 
looking as though it is going to rain 
and then the clouds all blow through 
leaving us without any dew 
as we desperately need some of the rain
so that the plants and grass remain 
and not die for lack of the stuff 
as here in Texas there is never enough. 

 Summers are hot at one hundred degrees 
and moisture is scarce not enough to please 
and things turn brown and slowly die off 
all because not enough of the stuff 
but Texas plants have learned to adapt 
and need little moisture and that it a fact 
and the humans make up for lack of the stuff 
by drinking beer which is more than enough. 
On this they survive all summer long 
and everyone can sing you a song 
although the words may be slurred and unclear 
because the beer is making them fear 
that out of control, they are which is true 
as a drunken Texan has not a clue. 
Written 05/13/2023 Read my other poems at