One of our donkey friends.

I slept very soundly, waking just once for the call of Nature and finally getting up around 9:30 pm. As we had nothing planned for the day, it did not matter that we had a late start. The first actions were the usual walkabout although we did not see a single camper on the way. No campers meant no dogs for Sandy and Mikey to bark at. 

The first thing I had to do when we got back to the RV was take the hosepipe and wash the newly painted deck down. Apparently, on my several trips back into The Caboose for more refreshments last evening, I had left a muddy trail from my boots all over the new deck and steps. We were sitting outside at the picnic table and the ground was still muddy from last night’s rain hence the muddy footsteps. 

I looked at the bird feeders and as usual, they were empty even though I had spent some time, the day before working on trying to make them deer proof. Yeah, right…It looks like the only solution is to dispense with the Feeder Poles and hang the feeders from the trees much higher than they currently are. At least then, the deer could only chase the feeders around as they pushed against them. 

We went back inside, and I fixed myself a burrito and coffee and then wrote in the blog to keep us up to date. Prior to that, I checked the World news just in case I might have missed something important (I didn’t!) or maybe I had a message or two that needed my undivided attention. That also turned out as a “no” which from my perspective, was a good thing. 

With the morning writing out of the way, I posted yesterday’s blog which caught us up to date. 

We went out for another walk which is something we seem to do when we have nothing else going on and just wandered around for a while. When we got back, we sat outside on the newly painted deck, thanks to Delores for whom I am truly grateful. She was a big help especially today as she just took over and painted the step railings while I just looked on. Incidentally, I did not remember that we were going to even paint the steps until she showed up at my door this morning. 

Delores went back to her RV with my thanks echoing around her and I decided to sit and listen to an Audiobook which we did for an hour or so. Gary walked by and we exchanged greetings and by then, it was time for one more walk. 

I harnessed up the dogs and made the mistake of heading towards BJ and Peggy’s RV where I found both Daniel and Malinda sitting outside and drinking a beer. I had no real choice other than to take them up on their offer of a beer (or two) and sat and joined in the conversation. 

We sat there for an hour or maybe two just chatting, drinking and eating cheese and crackers. There were some very interesting conversations floating around during the time we were there. After a couple of hours with the dogs growing restless and me having reached my two can beer limit plus the need to pee, we wandered off to finish the walk we had originally started way back when. 

We did one more short circuit of the park before returning to the RV for the usual evening meal and then television. 

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The Adventures of an Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, Henly, TX. Friday 05/26/2023

We meet all sort of “friends” when we are out walking. I grabbed this ones by the tail and he quickly moved away back to the side of the road. Sure was a pretty color.

I would like to write that we were up early and out and about but unfortunately, that would only be wishful thinking on my part. I did wake up at the crack of dawn and after taking one look at the clock, rolled over and went back to sleep, finally rolling out of bed around 9:30 am. 

It really does not matter very much as we had nothing planned for today. 

As we usually do, we went out walking around the park which was quiet. We met a couple of other walkers along the way, and we let our dogs socialize while we chatted. 
Yesterday, Daniel was working on the new building by the swimming pool and Malinda took over the role of mowing the park. She is quite an expert on that machine and had the place completely mowed by the end of the day.  

As there was no activity at the new bath house today, Daniel was out weed whacking along with Jeff who was helping him, getting the tight places that Malinda could not get with the mower. 

Following breakfast, I sat down to write and posted the blog. I managed to get some pictures of the donkeys on one of yesterday’s walks and they allowed me to make a fuss of them. One of them just loves attention and his fur is so soft. I don’t know how big their ranch is, but we sometimes do not see any of the exotics for weeks on end, so it is always pleasurable when they do appear. Incidentally, the donkeys are the only ones that like human company enough to get petted. 

It really was a quiet day and we had nothing planned for the day. We went out for yet another walk just so we could all get some exercise. I stopped at a homemade RV that had just pulled in to chat to the guy that built it, and he said it took about a year and this was the first trip. It looked very well made and definitely unusual. 

We got back and sat outside listening to an Audiobook just passing the time. I had an invitation to “Come on over” to the girls RV, the “girls” being BJ and Peggy, along with the usual group that have started to hang out together. The others in the group are Malinda and Daniel, Delores and Gary. Later on, we were joined by Jeff and his wife. 

We sat around drinking and chatting and telling stories some of which were pretty far fetched. While this was going on, BJ and Malinda started cooking on the grill that the girls have and before long, we were eating hamburgers and/or sausages along with a myriad of different salads and fixin’s. 

There was a lot of food, but I restricted myself to just a hamburger and a side of spaghetti salad And, I only drank 2 beers for the whole evening. Finally, I said my farewells explaining that I needed to take the dogs walking. Gary also left just as I did but the rest stayed for a while longer. 

It was very pleasant just listening to the stories and yarns that people had to tell and it is a pretty compatible group. 

I harnessed up the dogs who were all excited to be going out and we wandered around the park just to get some excersise and in my case, walk off the large amount of food I had eaten. Upon returning to the RV, we sat and watched Brighton who finished 6th in the Premier League, the highest they have ever finished, draw 1-1 with Manchester City who are the Champions, this year. 

All in all, a really good day. 
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