This is one friendly guy…
I crawled out of bed at a reasonable hour, and we took that first walk of the day. It was a bit cloudy out with no rain in the forecast. There were a couple of others out dog walking, but we switched directions so as not to have any confrontations. 

Back in the RV, I fixed the usual breakfast and sat reading emails and catching up with world events. I posted yesterday’s writing after finishing the blog and wondered what else I could get up to. 

I did a few household chores and then sat outside for a while just passing time. After a bit, like about 2 hours later, we went out for another walk just wandering around the park. We met Delores who had her three grandkids with her along with Remington as she was dog sitting this weekend. She introduced the kids and of course Remi was making a fuss of Sandy and Mikey. 

She moved on and we stopped at Sharon and Larry’s RV to say hello to the wild puppy with me making sure I was at the end of his leash. We finally finished our walk and sat some more outside listening to an Audiobook. This time, I did drink a beer although my choice of beers left a little to be desired. Going to have to buy a different brand next time. 

After a while, as it clouded over, night began to move in. I had been considering a different routine for the bird feeders, at least the ones that hold seeds. Quite obviously, trying to prevent the deer by using bungie cords was just not working and was a losing battle. I considered taking a very large plastic bag and covering the entire group of feeders but realized that it would probably just be easier to take them down each night and rehang them in the morning. It would mean that the early morning birds would just have to wait until I took the dogs out on their first walk, which is when I would rehang them. 

Without further ado, I went ahead and took down all six of the feeders and stored them under the deck far enough back that the deer could not reach them from over the wall. Satsified with the plan, we adjourned back indoors for the usual food and evening’s entertainment. 

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