The friendly donkey
The first thing after the morning ablutions was to take the dogs out. Before we went walking, I rehung all the bird feeders back up. One of the seed cake holders that had held a cake when I put it under the deck, was now halfway under the RV and needed the use of a long-handled broom to get it out. It was empty of course so now there is a different problem with obviously, a different animal, probably a raccoon. 

This was the only seed container that had been worked on through the night so both of these two holders will have to go in the storage bin at night. The others were all intact, seed and all. I re-hung everything and the moment we went on our walk, the birds came back. Just one more routine to get used to. 

We wandered around changing directions a couple of times to avoid confrontations with other dogs, covering our usual half mile before returning to The Caboose for breakfast. I am having the hardest time finding things to eat that I find tasty so today I toasted three slices of bread and spread marmite on one, marmalade on another and finally blueberry cheese spread on the third along with the all-important coffee. It filled my stomach but was not that tasty. Maybe the taste buds going is also another part of growing old. Oh well. 

With today being Sunday, we have no plans to go anywhere or do anything special and will just play it by ear, as the saying goes. I worked on posting yesterday’s blog although my use of pictures is starting to be repetitious.  

Sandy was giving me, “The Look” which generally means she has “got to go, Dad” so we harnessed up and walked around for a while. We ended up at the girls RV as I had noticed them struggling with some heavy furniture. Another camper stopped over and between us, we loaded the large couch into the back of BJ’s vehicle for disposal. 

We went on our way walking around the park and came across Delores walking Remington. She had her three Grandkids with her and introduced them to me. She was dog sitting Remi while Malinda and Daniel were away for the weekend. Remington was overjoyed to see Mikey and Sandy who in turn, reciprocated the greeting. 

When we got back to the RV, we sat outside and listened to an Audiobook as we usually do which passed the time in a very pleasant way. The Park was quiet, and the occasional walker would stop to chat, or people would wave as they drove by. After a couple of hours of this, Sandy decided that she was bored and that we needed to go out walking again, which we did just wandering around as we usually do. 

I decided to walk Henly Loop towards Hwy 290 and as we strolled up the road, we saw the pair of Zebras which I have not seen in a while. I could also see some deer in the distance and just had to take a bunch of pictures. The Zebras walked off out of sight, and we continued with the walk to the end of the road before turning back to The Caboose. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. 

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An Old Man and an RV.
Henly RV Park, Henly, TX.
Monday 05/29/2023

I got up early for me around 8:00 am and the first thing I did was to rehang all the bird feeders in their respective places. Daniel passed by and made fun of the fact that I was up so early. He gestured to come and drink coffee so I wandered over leaving the dogs outside on the porch. We sat outside the Break Room, and I could keep an eye on the dogs while we chatted. After a bit, I went and harnessed them up and then wandered over to the girls RV where Malinda was sitting outside talking to BJ and Peggy.  

Delores showed up with Remington who she had been dog sitting over the weekend. Remi was leading the way and was totally overjoyed to see Malinda and Daniel and made a big fuss of them. Such a lovely little dog although she can have her moments of acting tough. I walked back to The Caboose and harnessed up my dogs and locked the RV before walking back to the group where we sat and chatted for 30 minutes or so.  

Then it was time to go out walking and we wandered around so the dogs could do their thing before heading back to the RV. Although, I had coffee with Daniel, I had not had any breakfast and fixed myself something to eat and another cup of coffee, sitting in front of the computer and catching up with world news. 

Having enough of that, I turned my attention to writing the blog, working hard to remember exactly what may have occurred yesterday. Such is the state of my memory nowadays. 

We went out for another walk as Sandy was giving me “The Look” and wandered around hitting the outside road. The park was beginning to empty again with the long weekend coming to a close. 

Back in the RV, I thought about the boxes that needed organizing and decided that today was a good day and went about the boring task of looking inside all of the storage boxes inside the closet. We made good progress, and I was able to assimilate everything into just two boxes emptying seven others of different sizes which are now stored where the tools used to be. The tools are now all in the outside storage box and really easy to get at. 

I went through the accumulation of paper that I had rescued from the packing boxes deciding what to keep and what was junk. Eventually, with it all sorted, I shredded all that was trash, and we went out for a walk to the trash bins and disposed of it. 

I need to repeat this exercise one more time and check what is actually stored under the bed. I know of at least 4-5 crates there with probably an equal amount of paper that can be trashed. My longtime friend, BJ would be proud of me… 

Pleased that we had achieved something good, we went out walking again just a wandering around going no place in particular eventually sitting outside and listening to an Audiobook. The story was so good and so well presented that I listened all the way to the end. It was almost 9:00 pm when we adjourned back inside after yet another quick walk about. 

Incidentally, the last thing I did outdoors was to bring in all of the seed feeders and store them away so that the deer would not empty them. 

I fed the dogs and then myself and watched a couple of football games today, the very last day of the season. Incidentally, ALL games kick off at the same time but with the wonders of television, they are all available. Of the three teams I support, Manchester United finished third in the table, Brighton and Hove Albion who Solly plays for finished sixth, the highest they have ever finished and the last team, Leicester City, who I support because Jamie Vardy plays for them, was relegated to the lower division. 

With the English Premier League finished for one more season, I will have to find other things to watch at least until September when the League returns. 

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