This is the view from the deck…
I had a horrible night with an acute upset stomach from something I had eaten which obviously, did not agree with me. A couple of times I almost choked on the bile rising in my throat. I finally had to sleep sitting propped up by a couple of pillows which at least did alleviate the feeling of sickness. 

I awoke in the morning much better and crawled out of bed and we went out walking. Thinking back, I have no idea why my stomach was so upset as I had not eaten or drunk anything any different than what I usually feed myself. 

We wandered around but it was quiet outside. We visited a couple of our regular stops just so either I or the dogs could make a fuss with the other animals before returning back to The Caboose. 

 Yesterday, a couple of campers, each having a very large dog on a leash, were walking around. A little while later, the same couple had one dog on the leash and the other, who apparently is much older, was riding in a wagon that one of the campers was pulling. The dog is arthritic and can only walk just so far. The things we do for our pets. 

When we got back to the RV, I tied the dogs up outside and brought out the bird feeders, hanging them back up in their respective places. This is the only way to prevent the deer. From feeding. 

I got a call from Daniel asking if I was out and about and I told him we had just returned to the RV. He invited me over to the Clubhouse for coffee and we sat chatting as we sometimes do. The older gentleman stopped by to announce they were leaving probably today or maybe tomorrow and would be back in a couple of months. 

We sat talking for a while and I returned to the Caboose to find something to eat and to consider just what we were going to do today. Nothing came to mind although I did need to make a trip into Dripping Springs for groceries. That decided me and without further ado, I grabbed my list and jumped in the Jeep and drove the short distance into Town.  

I wandered around the store and found nearly everything on my list and the couple of missing items were relatively unimportant and I can get them next time. There is always a next time when it comes to grocery shopping. 

I drove back to the RV and put the groceries away helped by my two little energetic buddies. I told them that we would go walkies later when it cools down a bit as it was close to 85 degrees. Sandy kept on bugging me to go out. I can never know if it is for real or her way of getting outside so we harnessed up and just wandered around for a bit just so they could stretch their legs and do their collective “thing”. We then returned to sit outside for a bit and listen to an Audiobook. 

I had already been invited over to Daniel and Malinda’s RV for dinner and at the allotted hour, wandered over. The “girls” were already there along with Gary and the first thing after “Hello” was a can of beer thrust into my hands which I gratefully accepted. 

We spent the next couple of hours enjoying barbecued beef with all of the fixin’s accompanied by beer and lots of conversation and laughs. I restricted myself to three beers and the smallest portion of food I could get away with, continuously refusing the offer of more even when it was offered. 

Eventually, we all got up to leave thanking our hosts profusely for both the food and a fun filled evening. I got a hug from both of the “girls” as we went our separate ways to our individual RV’s. 

I took the dogs out one more time and we just wandered around exchanging greetings with others doing the same. Then it was back to the RV where I tied the dogs up outside so they could watch as I brought in the bird feeders. 

With that the final outside chore of the day we adjourned back inside of The Caboose where I fed the dogs and then we all settled down to watch a game from the last few of this seasons, Premier League Football. 

All in all, a very good day ending with spending time with people who I can call friends. 

Written 05/31/2023. Read my other blog at