It is hard to believe that today is the last day of this month. The time is quite literally flying by, and I have no idea where it goes. 

We got up late and it was almost 10:30 am when I rolled out after having slept well. I hurriedly got dressed and out the door we went for that first walk. We wandered aimlessly around going here and there wherever Miss Sandy dragged us along. Me and Mikey are old hands at walking with her and we have discovered through a lot of practice that it is easier to let her have her way and we follow meekly along behind. I am always aware of our surroundings just in case of a hidden snake or even maybe, a wild bear. Just kidding although I do watch out for snakes just like one should out in the country. Having lost one dog to a rattlesnake bite, in my back yard, I have no wish to lose anymore. 

Back at the RV, I slipped into the new routine of rehanging the bird feeders which does not take very long before we went back inside. I thought about coffee and breakfast and decided that it was more important that I drive into Austin, into Travis County because that is the County that the jeep is registered. 

I thought I would do it right and set the Map finder for the nearest DPS office in Travis County. I could not find the first one I was directed to which, incidentally, took me past my old house. The garden looks a mess, I noticed as I drove by. 

I reset the map finder for the next one on the list and finally arrived at the right place in Austin, Travis County, only to discover that it was an appointment only situation, which of course, I had not made. I managed to hold my temper, realizing that there was nobody to blame except me and jumped back in the car. 

I sat there for a bit pondering my next move and happened to take the paperwork out and was studying it and it hit me that instead of using my friend, BJ’s address in Bastrop County when I first registered the Jeep, I had used the Far West mailing address which is in Travis County, the county I was currently sitting in. 

That opened a whole realm of possibilities as I could use the closest HEB on my way home. I continued my way back driving along William Canon and found a huge HEB that I had always known to be there but had never used. It was humongous. 

I walked up to the service counter or was about to when a lady with a cart full of groceries pushed me out of the way and jumped in line in front of me without so much as a sorry. I think she was oblivious to me even being there let alone pushing me out of the way. Some people… 

The next attendant helped me get my business cleared up and I walked out of there with a new sticker for the windshield of the Jeep and it is good to go for another year. 

Grateful that I had finally managed to register the Jeep, I drove back to Henly stopping at my usual Starbucks found in my old stomping ground. I ordered a Latte and a fancy fruit bun thingy which I worked on as I drove back to Henly. The coffee was OK, but the bun thing did not hit the spot and I only ate half of it disposing of the rest to the birds. 

I arrived back at The Caboose and was greeted by my dogs who at once wanted to go walkies. This time, as I had nothing to unload, we harnessed up and out we went just wandering the park with the usual results although we did not get to see any exotics. 

Back in the RV, I settled down to play catch up with the blog bringing it up to date and realizing again that this one was the last for this month. We went out for another walk and happened to walk past “the girls” RV. Daniel and Malinda were sitting outside, and I was ordered over to join them. 

Pointing to the dogs, I wandered around to finish their walk before putting them back in the RV. Then and only then, did I walk back to the girls RV. We sat there for a couple of hours and some of the stories were really funny as each of us recounted something that had happened in our lives. I had a beer and made it last a long time before taking another one. 

Somehow, the conversation turned to tattoos and before long, everyone except me was showing what they had and why they had this particular one or that one. Many of the tats had stories that the owner was happy to share with us. Some were located in the strangest of places and the girls did not mind showing them off. 

Daniel, of course, was also tattooed and had a lot of comments about both his and the others, especially as to the location. Me, who does not have a single tattoo,  just sat there and cracked up laughing at some of the stories 

The girls had been cooking beans and when they were considered to be ready, we were each given a bowl of them, piping hot. They were very tasty although I did refrain from a second helping.  

After a while, I made my excuses and was getting ready to walk back to The Caboose, as was Daniel and Malinda who were going to their RV. Next thing I knew, Malinda had grabbed my arm to guide me back. As it happened, having only drunk three beers, I was perfectly sober but welcomed her company, anyway and reciporcated by putting my arm around her shoulders. 

I harnessed the dogs, and we went out for another stroll around the park this time in the dark. A few people were sitting outside enjoying the evening coolness and we exchanged pleasantries as we passed by. 

Back in the RV, I unhitched the dogs and left them on the porch so they could watch as I carefully brought in the bird feeders and stowed them away. Then, we went back inside where I fed the dogs. I was already fed and sat down in front of the TV to watch a Premier League game. 

This time, I decided that I did not need that glass of wine that invariably finds its way into my hand as I sit and watch. I made the mistake when the game was over, to watch a movie and it was early morning before I went to bed. 

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