The Caboose at night.

Another month has flown by, and I have no idea where it has gone. Maybe it is because I am an old man that time goes by so much faster. When I was a kid, all those years ago, the days were at least twice as long as they are now, or that is how they seemed, just never ending. Now, when I blink, another hour has passed. Oh well, all we can do is enjoy every minute of the time remaining to us. 

For some reason, it was 10:30 am before I even woke up. It was probably because I watched a movie until 2:00 am. I hastily scrambled into my clothes and harnessed up the dogs to take them out walking. As you can imagine, because of my late start, it was already hot outside. 

Before we actually went walking, I rehung all the bird feeders that are now stored away each evening. The dogs were tied to the table so they could watch. Then we went out walking the park and the outside lane passing only a couple of other dogs with their Hooman’s along the way. 

Back in the RV, I fixed that all important cup of coffee and the not so important breakfast and as I usually do, caught up with the world news before turning my attention to the blog. I worked on some pictures that I took yesterday in Lightroom and then imported them into the blog. 

When I was finally caught up with both writing and pictures, I checked on other things. The scammers are very busy, and it is getting harder and harder to tell the truth from the frauds. If there is any doubt and I cannot see a safe way to check the validity of the message, I instantly delete it. 

Because of the late start, the day was flying by. It did not matter too much as I had nothing planned and I did not need to go into town for any reason, especially now that I had renewed my sticker for the Jeep. That, at least, is good for another year. 

We went out for another walk around the park. It was very hot out and we tried to find as much shade as possible. When Sandy finds shade and flops down on the ground, then I know it is time to head back to The Caboose, which we did. 

We stayed outside in the shade and listened to the latest story on Audiobooks for a couple of hours before taking that final walk of the day. There were no invitations to imbibe or eat steaks for the evening, which is probably a good thing as then I can control how much food and drink, I consume. 

Back indoors, it was the usual food and a Premier Football game before heading to bed. Incidentally, I did not drink that usual glass of wine. 

Written 06/01/2023. Read my other blog at