I had another one of those days where I did not wake up very early and it was almost 10:00 am before we went out for that first walk. I tied the dogs up outside so they could watch as I brought out the bird feeders and rehung them in their respective places, which I am trying to get into the habit of doing. Even before I had finished as I walked back and forth, the birds were already landing and grabbing a mouthful of seed. Incidentally, as I do not rehang them very early in the day, there is plenty of spilt seed on the ground for them to work on.

We walked around for a bit covering our usual half mile before returning for breakfast. Currently, the food is not very appetizing, but I must eat something and so I settled for a Burrito which is what I usually fall back on. 

I looked at several different things like waffles, too sweet, cereal, not appetizing, pancakes, too much trouble and on and on. I could make do with just coffee but that is not a healthy way to start the day. The old tastebuds (with emphasis on “old”) are just not working as they used to. I could have heated the remainder of the beans but having had those two meals in a row is asking a lot of my digestive system. 

I sat down in front of the computer eating the Burrito and caught up with the blog. I had a lot to write about including yesterday’s trip to the vets. It bothers me that Sandy has a heart murmur although I do not know how serious that is. Hopefully, something she can live with for a few years. 

Having brought the blog up to date, I sat there thinking about “stuff.” My mind transformed the “stuff” into lucid thoughts which amounted to trying to find a fix for all the ants that have invaded the RV. These are tiny little things and there must be millions of them because it does not matter how many I swat; many more take their place. 

I jumped in the Jeep and made the short drive in to HEB as I also needed a few supplies. I was hoping that HEB would have what I was really coming in for and that was Ant Killer. Luckily for me, they did, and I grabbed a couple of packets and then picked up the few other supplies I needed. 

I refrained from stopping at Starbucks as their coffee does not taste that great anymore and made the short drive home. Luckily for me, there were no turtles to rescue so the drive was quick and without putting my body on the line.

Back in the RV, I unloaded the groceries and put them away and received a call from one of my new friends, Betty, who informed me that I had left the lights on in the Jeep. I thanked her and went out to check and not only were the lights on, but the motor was running. That is the second time I have done that and the first time, it ran for a couple of hours before I discovered it. This time maybe ten minutes.  

In the older cars, they used to require a key in the ignition that needed turning to start the car. Modern technology is such that the key fob now only needs to be within range for the sensors to pick up the signal to start the motor. To stop it requires the push of a button inside the car which I what I forgot to do. Stupid of me. Great to have observant friends though. 

We went out for another walk this time stopping at Malinda’s and Daniel’s RV on our way around. They had been shopping and Daniel had bought a brand-new grill smaller than the other one that they have for cooking for just the two of them. Malinda, on the other hand, had bought more crates and was busy sorting stuff into various boxes. Always the practical one… 

We continued our walkabout this time walking the bottom road to the end and back before returning to The Caboose where we sat outside for a bit listening to an Audiobook. It started to rain, and we beat a hasty retreat indoors. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual way. 

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