I got up early again and after the usual morning routine, harnessed up the guys so we could go walking. I tied them up outside so they could watch as I brought out the bird feeders. Then we went to the dumpster with our usual single bag of trash before heading over to join Gary who was sitting by himself outside of the Breakroom. 

Daniel had been there earlier but had left to work on one of his other projects.  The two of us sat and chatted and drank coffee until Gary jumped up and said he had to go to take care of business. I wandered around the park continuing the walk that we had started but had not gotten very far. We too had an appointment at our veterinarians to remove Sandy’s stitches, but it was not till 11:30 am. 

We returned to the RV and after a quick breakfast and Grape juice as I had already had coffee, we worked on the blog until it was time to take that drive. I loaded the guys and both of them managed to squeeze onto my lap. Mikey takes the No1 pole position and Sandy kinda squeezes her fat little butt onto whatever remains of my lap. I can’t say that it is very comfortable for her but there is no way that Mikey is giving up his spot. No doggy chivalry here. 

The drive-in was quick, and we arrived almost 30 minutes early and walked around a bit outside. Then we went inside, and it was not long before one of the staff came by and took Sandy to the other room to remove the stitches. Five minutes later, she was back. I had them trim the fur on her nose while they had her as she was covered in tiny little burs from having her nose in the grass all of the time. I chatted to a couple of other dog owners while me and Mikey, waited. 

We left and on the way to the car, both dogs watered the grass before hopping in. The drive back was uneventful and for a change, I drove back a different way. 

Back in the park, we went out for a short walk and managed to see the donkeys and zebras who were just inside the fence to their park. I took a few pictures. When we returned, I spent most of the afternoon on the phone to National General replacing the insurance to the Jeep. 

I had inadvertently managed to cancel that insurance while I was cancelling the insurance on the Jayco bus as apparently, both insurances were tied together. With patience and perseverance, I got the Jeep part reinstated. My rates have gone up considerably, probably because of the claims I have made for both the Jayco bus and the Jeep. 

With the insurance taken care of for six months, I finished writing the blog as far as I could and posted yesterday’s efforts. 

I was so busy concentrating on the blog that I did not keep an eye on the weather. The next time I looked up, I was raining a heavy shower which was a good thing. The bad thing was that I had left the deck chairs outside and now they were well and truly soaked. I guess we will not be sitting outside on them this evening as we usually do. Still, when the sun comes back out and with the almost 100-degree heat, they will not take long to dry. 

We went for another walk and just wandered around both in the park and on the outside roads. Sandy was not really in to it and at the first opportunity, she turned us around and headed back to The Caboose. 

The chairs had dried out enough and we sat outside listening to an Audiobook until it started to get dark. We moved back indoors after me bringing in the bird feeders and continued to listen to the Audiobook there. 

Finally, with that story ending, I turned on the TV and we found a new series to watch. 

Written 07/06/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com