Living in an RV 

I live in an RV 
having sold my home to be free 
of having to keep such a large space 
for me and my two little mates 

My friends all said to me 
are you really going to live in an RV 
it is so small and has no space 
please do not make a decision in haste 

By then it was way too late 
as I had already sealed my fate 
and into the RV did move 
as both of my little dogs approved 

Now several years have past 
each one better than the last 
because it is plain to see 
that we like living in an RV 

We no longer travel far and wide 
enjoying the wonderful countryside 
instead we are parked permanently 
just me and the dogs in our RV. 

Our home is Henly RV Park  
a wonderful place even in the dark 
with colored lights to shine the way 
making it seem as bright as day. 

With sixty-five RV’s living here 
some come and go making it clear 
that not all are here to stay 
and those that remain live their way 

The park is a beautiful site 
as Daniel and Malinda keep everything right 
grass is mowed the bathrooms are clean 
and the picture it shows is a wonderful scene. 

The residents that live here full time 
have found the park so sublime 
that they have made it their permanent home 
living in their RV no longer to roam. 

 I am one of those lucky few 
with a permanent place that I value 
a lot of people I call friends 
hoping their friendship never ends.

Daniel and Malinda are the hosts 
whose goal in life is to tell the most jokes 
to see which story gets the biggest laughs 
none would pass a polygraph 

Malinda rules the park with an iron thumb 
her word is law and second to none 
and if other guests are like me 
we approach her on bended knee 

Daniel is of a different kind 
keeping the park so sublime 
mowing the grass and blowing the leaves 
stopping to chat to whoever he please. 

Both will go out of their way to be kind 
and help any camper who they may find 
has a blocked pipe or water won’t flow 
using their wisdom the camper to show 

Then the parties they host at their RV 
when Daniel barbecues its plain to see 
that he has found his calling in life 
helped along by his wonderful wife. 

She mixes the drinks of all different kinds 
and gives to the ladies who find them sublime 
while the men stick to beer in an attempt 
to stay sober enough to walk back to their tents 

Then there is Gary so tall and straight 
a helpful man and never late 
with stories told in a quiet tone 
don’t listen to them if you are alone. 

One of the women of the group 
is Delores who has been known to stoop 
so low while mixing food in a bowl 
her private parts mixed a casserole. 

Let’s not forget the wonderful girls 
that drive school bus a couple of pearls 
both with humor to share around 
a nicer couple can never be found. 

There are others that come and go 
at not every party do they show 
but they add to the fun with stories so real 
that their inner self they often reveal. 

These wonderful friends make the days so bright 
when they are around, they turn on the light 
of friendship and fun and stories galore 
and we roll on the ground screaming for more 

I consider myself a lucky man 
with friends like this that I had not planned 
but fate has a way of rolling the dice 
and sometimes with luck things turn out nice. 

Written 07/05/2023 Read my other poems at