The cat on the leash.
I slept well and was ready to get up at our usual time, 7:00 am. I beat the alarm and was laying there waiting for it to go off before crawling out of bed. A quick shower and shave and I was decent enough to face the morning. Actually, being ready to face it was a whole different story. 

I took the dogs out as we usually do, and they made a beeline to the nearest patch of grass to relieve themselves. Next stop was the dumpster with the most recent offerings and then on to the Break Room to join the mini crowd assembled there. I looked it up and three or more people can constitute a crowd if they are in a small space. On the other hand, those same three people in the middle of a field hardly fit the bill. 

As there were five of us plus three dogs and outdoors to boot, we probably did not fit the bill either. None of us cared enough to worry about it and continued socializing as we normally do.

We shot the breeze for 30 minutes or so and Daniel got up to go to work. I got up to continue exercising the dogs and we wandered on. Sandy was in the lead as she usually is, and we managed to cover a mile with her wandering around. Back inside of The Caboose, I fixed breakfast for all of us, and Sandy obliged by eating hers along with her medicine that I had carefully mixed in.

It was my second cup of coffee and just like Sandy, I have my own little stache of medication that I take every morning. Only a couple are actual medication. The rest are supplements that I have convinced myself I need to take to live longer and illness free. Probably all psychological but who knows, they may help a little bit… 

I worked on the blog bringing it up to date and looked around for other things to do. I looked out of the window where the bird feeders are in view and noticed that a squirrel was busy helping himself to the seed. He often stops by to feed himself, but I shooed him in the hope that he would stay away.

He took off running making a beeline for the next tree over. So, now we feed birds, deer and squirrels. No wonder the seed holders are always empty. Again, I had nothing planned, no trips into town or anything like that.

We spent a lot of time sitting around listening to an Audiobook and generally being very lazy. Seems to be my way of life lately. If I get really bored, then I take it out on the dogs by making them go walking although, they are more than happy to acompany me.

We sat outside listening to the Audiobook before moving back inside for the evening meal. I contemplated bringing in the feeders but decided that as they are nearly empty, it was not worth the trouble and left them hanging. 

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