As it happened, I had awoken at the usual time and crawled out of bed and into the shower to complete the process. Good job too as I forgot to take my phone to bed with me last evening and so did not hear the alarm going off. I take my hearing aids out at night and the phone/alarm is in the other room. 

Back outside, I had enough bird seed to fill a couple of the holders and the birds will have to make do until I get back from my trip into town later today.  As we usually do, we took a short walk so the dogs could relieve themselves and so I could drop my usual bag of trash in the dumpster. Then it was back to the Break Room and this time Gary and Delores were sitting and shooting the breeze. Gary made me a cup of coffee as he usually does, and I sat and chatted to them for about 30 minutes.

Then we went on our respective ways with us continuing our walk. There were several other people doing the same thing, some with dogs, others just exercising. This is the most I have seen on any of our walks. We managed to cover a mile with that first walk of the day. 

Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast and another coffee for me, and we settled down in our respective spots, Sandy on the bed, Mikey in his chair alongside of me as I sat in front of the computer writing the daily blog. After a couple of hours, we were all caught up with both the writing and posting and I was looking around for other things to get up to.

I had a 1:00 pm appointment with my Audiologist to be fitted with my new hearing aids and left The Caboose around 12:00 pm for the drive into town. I spent at least 30 minutes with the young lady, and she showed me all the new and different things that these hearing aids can do. She gave me a little bag of hearing aid goodies and after paying my bill, I was on my way. 

I stopped at Walmart’s (where else?) and wandered around. I really did not need it very much but still managed to spend a little over $100.00. I bought myself a straw cap to wear to give my cowboy hat a break.

I drove home mainly to avoid the traffic and also to buy a Latte at my old neighborhood Starbucks. This time, nothing fancy, just a plain old Latte. I am not going to waste money on those fancy drinks any more. 

My two little dogs were very excited to see me and inspected every package I put on the floor and then helped to put the things away. I harnessed them up and we went out walking although it was bloody hot out. We did not stay out long. 

Back in the RV, I sat in the open door as it was cooler there with the A/C coming through the opening. We listened to an Audiobook for a couple of hours and then went out for that final walk of the day.

I decided to leave the feeders out again as they were low on seed anyway and I figured the deer could clean them out for me. The rest of the evening was spent with the evening meal for both me and the dogs although our food was not the same. They had dog food and I had human food. Simple… 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Saturday 07/29/2023

Wild Texas countryside

 I awoke bright eyed, and bushy tailed as the expression goes although I have no idea where it comes from. The sun was already bright and warm, and it was going to be another scorcher. Texas in the Summer although even Texans are struggling to adapt to the consistently hot temperatures. Most of us just hibernate inside of our RVs with the A/C going full blast. Now, as long as we do not get a power outage… 

The first thing was to walk around with the dogs. There were none of my friends at the Break Room so there was no reason to stop. We wandered past the girls’ RV and Peggy poked her head out and we briefly chatted before continuing on our way. 

We stopped at Larry and Crystal’s on our walk around so that Sandy could get a couple of treats from Crystal. Mikey will say “Hello” but will not take any treats. Funny little dog. Sandy, on the other hand, just lives for them.

We did not walk very far as it was already warming up and returned to The Caboose for breakfast and the usual morning challenge to get Sandy to eat her medicine pill.  Then it was writing time. In my case more recall than writing as I really have to sit and think about what I did even just the day before. My problem is that unless I do something different, like go into town, then one day is very much the same as the next. 

With the blog all caught up, I looked around to other things to do. I had nothing critical that needed my attention and the rest of the afternoon and evening was made up of walking dogs and listening to Audiobooks. We sat outside sort of, listening to the stories. I had figured out that if I sat in the doorway to the RV, the A/C rushes out of the open door creating a cooling effect and making it comfortable to sit half in and half out. 

The story was good enough to keep me occupied for a couple of hours before it was time to feed the dogs and then myself followed by the usual evening television. 

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