Another month has come and gone leaving us definitely older but probably not a lot wiser. I did not hear the alarm as it was in the other room and so, it was almost 7:45 am before I got up.  

Following the usual morning ablutions, we harnessed up with our first stop at the dumpster. Then, as we sometimes do, we circled the large building that holds Daniels workshop along with the Breakroom, Bath houses and Laundromat ending up where other campers sometimes congregated for the usual early morning chat session. 

Today there was Gary, Peggy, Daniel, and Malinda although the latter two did not stay long as they prepared to open the new pool to the public. The three of us sat around for a couple of hours swapping stories before we went our separate ways. 

We walked around trying to make up for not walking first thing, but it was way too hot to be enjoyable and we headed back to The Caboose for breakfast. No sooner than I had toasted something and made the coffee than I got an email inviting me over to the Breakroom for pizza.

The girls had bought two large pizzas to share amongst us. Very aware of the fact that I had just eaten two slices of toast for breakfast, I took a small piece of each pizza and made it last a long time fighting off the girls who tried to make me eat more. 

We sat and chatted for an hour or so and then Daniel asked me to help him block off some of the entrances to the new pool as it was going to open that afternoon. We fiddled around straightening up a few things and declared the pool ready for swimming. 

We got back to my RV and there were two deer happily eating the bird seed. They both galloped away but I got a picture of one of them. I had strong suspicions that they had visited yesterday while I was taking a nap as the feeders were empty when we got back from our walk.

Today, I was in time to save most of the bird feed for the birds. 

Much of today had gone on visiting other campers and talking amongst ourselves. We all agree that we are extremely lucky to have found a campground like this with caring and friendly hosts, Malinda, and Daniel. Add to that Remington, who makes it a part of his official duty to keep us all in line. We have developed friendships amongst our small groups, and we all recognize that without our host owners, Sarah, and James, this would not be possible. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for making this happen. 

I sat around a listened to an Audiobook as it was too hot outside to really do anything. I got a text message from the girls and from Daniel ordering me to get my swim trunks on and get down to the pool as it was officially open.

Like the good trooper that I am, I got into my swim trunks and headed down to the pool. Besides Daniel and Malinda, there were the girls and Gary all in the water.

I stripped off and jumped in alongside them and much to my disgust, discovered that I could barely swim anymore. I was a decent swimmer when I was a much younger person but when I perforated both eardrums at an early age through some ear complaint, I stayed away from swimming on doctors’ orders. 

BJ sat watching and Daniel kept her company. He had already been in the water and that left Gary, Malinda, Peggy, and me actually in the water. Malinda was very much at home as she demonstrated. Gary did a disappearing act as he slowly slid under and stayed there for a good while before resurfacing. I splashed around and managed a few breast strokes and Peggy spent her time floating.  

None of us were very industrious or expended much energy and in truth, with the sun behind the clouds, being in the water was a bit on the cool side. I eventually got out and with a decorum of decency and aided by a large towel, managed to dress into dry clothes.

I said goodbye to my friends and walked back to The Caboose to be greeted by Sandy and Mikey. We harnessed up and went out for a stroll around the park and then returned for the evening meal followed by watching the Women’ World Cup. I lost track of time, and it was almost 2:00 am before I went to bed. 

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