The alarm went off and I thought, “Five more minutes” and ended up waking up 45 minutes later. I got out of bed and harnessed up the dogs.  

The first thing was to bring out the bird feeders as we usually do. The one we hung in the tree was still where it was supposed to be and full of seed. Obviously, it is high enough that the deer are not bothering it. I want to hang the other large one higher as well. That way, I will only have the two smaller ones to bring in at night. 

With the birds taken care of for one more day, we went out walking around the park and up Henly Loop to Hwy 290 and managed to cover 1.1 miles, a good start to the day. I noticed that there was a small calf in with the three cows in the fields across the road. Guess one of them had birthed. 

Back in the RV, I fixed breakfast after contemplating for a long time what I fancied to eat. In the end, I settled on four taquitos which filled a spot. Sandy really liked them. 

I settled down in front of the computer for the usual morning perusal of the World news which was full of the same old crap. I turned to the blog and caught up with events to date struggling to remember what had happened of any importance yesterday. 

As far as I can remember, it went something like this. I woke up albeit an hour late. That is worthy of a mention as important as what it is considering the alternative. I fed the birds, nothing new there. We went walking and covered a very good number of 3.6 miles for the for the day. I went to a Sea Food Restaurant to eat with my friends and the food was very good. Gary treated me to my meal. It will be my turn next time…I drank two beers and slept like the proverbial log.  

Having caught up on the blog, I looked around for other things to get up to. I went outside and worked on the second bird feeder and got it hooked up the way I wanted it.

Now, it is high enough that the deer cannot reach it plus the two big feeders are now spaced apart. The two small ones are still on the seed pole, and I will bring them in at night. For some reason, the deer do not touch the seed cakes, so I do not have to fuss with them other than to replace them from time to time. 

I tried sitting outside on the deck in the shade and even with a strong breeze blowing, the air was too warm for comfort. The actual temperature was 102 degrees, which is hot by anybody’s standards.

We ended up back indoors in the cool A/C. I listened to an Audiobook and came to the end of the story or at least, Part 1. Apparently, I do not have Part 2 downloaded and neither could I find it to do so, and I started another Stephen King story instead.

The rest of the evening was spent in the usual fashion watching a Women’s World Cup game. 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park,TX. Saturday 08/12/2023

Again, I was awake before the alarm went off and when it did, I rolled over and went back to sleep. I was just not ready to get up. I really do need to get to sleep earlier and then maybe I would get up.

It is not like it really matters as I have nothing planned of any importance. 

We harnessed up and I tied the dogs up so I could bring out the two small bird feeders, the only ones that are not permanently hanging up high and out of the deer’s reach.

Then we went out walking making the loop around the Break Room as we headed for the dumpsters and then coffee. Gary was the only one there as Daniel and Malinda had already left to go about their business. We sat and chatted for a bit and then we both left to go and do our “thing”.

Ours was a continuation of our walk which took us up Henly Loop towards Hwy 290. There was enough shade for us to get 2/3 rds. of the way up the road before turning around to come back to the RV. It truly is miserably hot. 

Back in the RV, I made coffee and fixed all of us breakfast. Today was a good day as Sandy ate hers and licked the bowl which means that she unknowingly, ate her crushed up medication. I sat and read the World news and then turned my attention to the blog.

I watched as a squirrel perched on the feeders and this time; I allowed him to eat his fill which was not very much. When I looked up again, he was gone. 

We went out for another walk but unlike the morning walk, the one in the afternoon is usually shorter because of the heat. Not just on me but for the dogs too as they sometimes flop down in any patch of shade. Then, we have to wait until they are ready to go again. 

When we got back, I sat and listened to an Audiobook for a while and then adjourned back indoors where it was cooler and watched a Women’s World Cup game. Half way through, came a knock on the door which set the dogs barking.

I looked out and it was Gary with his car telling me it was time to go and star watch. I put on my shoes, and he drove us down to the swimming pool where a whole bunch of my friends had already gathered. There was supposed to be a display of shooting stars visible to the naked eye.

We sat there for more than 2 1/2 hours but all we got to see was an occasional shooting star. Giving up on that event as a flop, I declined a ride back to the RV and walked back mainly to get the cricks out.

Laying in a deckchair was not very comfortable for all of that time. By then it was almost 1: 30 am and long past my bedtime. 

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