I managed to get up around 8:30 am and we went out for a short walk about ending up at the Breakroom for the usual coffee. It wasn’t a good start to the day as I had hardly drunk any of it and set it on the ground. A strong gust of wind blew my hat, that was also on the ground, into the coffee cup, knocking it over. Malinda splashed water over the spilt coffee to prevent it from staining the concrete. I thanked Malinda for cleaning up the mess and meanwhile, Gary made me a fresh cup. 

We sat there for a while talking and noticed one of the campers, an older gentleman, was getting ready to leave and was having trouble backing up his truck to the rig. I walked over to act as a spotter and before long, Daniel had joined me. It was obvious that the camper was not very experienced, and I stepped back to let Daniel finish helping him. 

I took the dogs walking and we managed to cover almost mile even as hot as it was after our late start.  

Back in the RV, I made breakfast and could not get Sandy interested in eating anything which was unusual. She usually eats the meat even as she eats around the medicine. 

I finished the blog for yesterday and posted it and looked around for other things to do. I noticed that I had not emptied the washing machine, so I took the time to do that and folded the clothes and put them in their respective drawers. Like I said, wrinkled shorts and Tee shirts really do not matter very much. 

We did a lot of sitting around listening to an Audiobook and at one point, I nodded off to sleep. I must have napped for at least 30 minutes waking up with a start and wondering where I was.

The dogs like it when I nod off as they are usually sitting one on each side of me on the couch. Needless to say, they too are zonked off and I can’t rely on them to wake me up. 

I took that as a cue to go walking just to clear the cobwebs. We wandered around but it was way too hot with the temperature hovering around 102 degrees, and we quickly came back inside. 

With nothing else to get up to, I turned on the TV to the English Premier League games for which the season has just started. I watched my great, great, Grandson, Solly March who plays for Brighten and Hove Albion, scored the opening goal. Brighton who went on to win 3-1 for a good start to the season. 

I went to bed following the game. 

Written 08/13/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com