My new haircut. This is the shortest my hair has ever been.

It was so warm and snuggly in bed that I was very reluctant to get up. I thought that if I just laid there, all the World’s problems would just go away. Maybe even mine too not that I have too many problems. Then I noticed the dogs giving me “the look” which is usually interpreted to mean, “We gotta go Dad” and I crawled out of bed. 

We went through our usual morning routines of bird feeders and such and then the trip to the dumpster before stopping at the Breakroom where several of my friends were still gathered. I had to put up with some ribbing for being late again, but they got me a chair and Gary thrust a cup of coffee in my hand and I settled down to listen and/or join in the conversation.  

As usual, this group was doing its best to solve the world’s problems accompanied by much laughter as one crazy idea was outdone by the next one. Eventually, the group broke up and went their own ways.

We continued with our walk around the campsite before returning to The Caboose for breakfast and more coffee. I had a couple of chores to take care of before deciding that I had to go pick up Sandy’s medication that I had ordered earlier.

Her heart medication costs $102.00 a month but to me, she is worth it. The drive in was uneventful and I stopped at the Vet’s to pick up the medicine. I have been coming to this vet with all my animals for more than forty years and have seen a procession of different veterinarians come and go. Luckily, Dr Varga who is the owner, is still here but my favorite, Dr Donop has retired. 

I picked up the medication and chatted to the ladies behind the counter before heading back to the car. I was in need of a haircut and stopped at Great Clips at Oak Hill. This time, I was lucky as I sat straight down in the chair.

The hairdresser asked me how I wanted it cut and I mumbled the usual about short back and sides. I also pointed out the weird crown I have to one side and asked her to be sure to cut that short. She made the first cut with her electric clippers and just zoomed over the top of my head.

My mouth fell open and I was about to protest before I realized that as she had already made that first cut, it was no good telling her to stop so I kind off watched in amazement as all of my hair fell off and I was left with the shortest haircut of my entire life.

I get it cut short anyway but usually, the top and back stay long, sort of. She showed me the finished product and as I was still in a state of shock, I told her it was OK. Maybe, it is the start of a new fashion for me. It is not like I have anyone to impress, and the dogs probably will not notice although I can guarantee a hard time from my camper friends. 

Luckily, I had my new hat with me which I placed on my head to stop the feeling of baldness and near nudity and made my way into town. I had decided that as I was in town, or close to, anyway, why not go to Walmart’s to do my shopping. I drove the extra 5 miles and walked into the store to do just that.

I found all of the stuff I wanted and fought off the urge to pop other things into my basket and still managed to spend $202.00. Some of that was on the case of beer I bought for Daniel as my contribution to the parties we have. I cannot cook worth a darn, so it is easy for me to help supply the beer. 

I drove home the back way and stopped at my usual Starbucks for a hot Latte and a piece of walnut cake which I enjoyed immensely on the drive home. I have learned my lesson on ordering the fancy cold drinks as they are a rip off. 

The drive home was uneventful, and I had a lot of help to unload the groceries and put them away. Daniel’s 4×4 was by his shop so I put the beer in the front seat. He must have noticed it as he caught up with me as I was working on the groceries and gave me a hard time in a good way. 

I took the dogs out again and it was still just as hot as ever at 102 degrees, so we did not walk very far. As soon as Sandy started to lag, we headed back to the RV where we sat in our indoor/outdoor position listening to an Audiobook and drinking a beer or two. After bringing in the bird feeders, the rest of the evening was spent watching a Premier League game before heading to bed. 

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