Nice shady trails
The day started off as it usually does with us doing the bird feeder routine before taking that first walk around the park. We met a couple of others with their dogs all doing the same thing as us. 

Following the walk, I spent time spraying what is left of the flowers with the Deer Repellant in the hopes of rescuing whatever remains of each of the plants. The deer have not visited through the day at least while I have been home. This is unusual as that was a fairly common occurrence in the past. There are still lots of deer signs around with their droppings, so they are definitely visiting. The watering that I do is enough to keep the plants alive but not really enough to make them grow. We desperately need rain and lots of it. 

I was working on the blog and got a call from Daniel that breakfast was being served in the Commons and to get my ass over there (his words). I put the dogs back in the RV and joined the usual group in the Commons. Malinda and the girls were busy preparing the food and soon I had a heaped plate of breakfast in front of me which I eagerly started to work on. I had to work hard to convince Daniel that I was already full and no, I did not need another helping… 

There was the usual chatter and we got to hear firsthand some of the stories from their trip together, many of which were very funny. The party finally broke up with the call of duty for both Daniel and Malinda and the girls cleaned up the Commons area. 

Time passed as it always does, and I got another call from Daniel to come over to his RV and have a beer. Delores was already there, and we sat and chatted for the rest of the afternoon. Then came more food as Daniel had it working on the grill while we sat around and talked. 

Six bottles of beer later, Delores and I left the party walking each other home although I went 30 yards past my RV to make sure that Delores got into her place safely. I made my way the 30 yards back to The Caboose and harnessed up the dogs taking them out for a short walk. I was in remarkably good shape considering that I had consumed 6 bottles of beer and did not feel drunk or have any effects of the drinking at all. 

That is until I got back from walking the dogs and sat on the couch to take my boots off. I sat there stroking both dogs, one on each side, and two hours later, woke up feeling refreshed and with no hangover or aftereffects of the drinking. I glanced out of the window; I noticed that I had not brought in the bird feeders. Out I went and did just that although by now, it was already dark outside. 

Not satisfied with this crazy day, I sat and watched a movie until almost 1:00 am. After having taken a long nap, I was just not tired and even when I did finally go to bed, it took a while to fall asleep. 

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