I was up early as Daniel had plans that included me and a trip to the Home Depot in Dripping Springs. After taking the dogs out walking, I brought them back inside and told them I would see them shortly. I jumped into Daniel’s Jeep, and we made the trip into town. 

Our first stop was at one of the Restaurants on the way in for breakfast. I ordered one taco with a couple of fillings and the usual coffee and thoroughly enjoyed my choice of food. Daniel had something different. With breakfast and that all important coffee out of the way, we drove to the Home Depot. We went out to enter the store and Daniel suddenly said that he would see me in a few minutes as he had a medical emergency and had to drive back to Henly. 

I wandered around the Plant Section and looked at the beautiful plants they had on sale which gave me ideas on what I should replace some of my plants with. The deer have been doing a number on mine. Daniel eventually caught up with me and we wandered around the store. I only needed nonslip pads for my rugs, but Daniel bought several tools. 

The Home Depot had put on this wonderful display of witches, ghouls and goblins and the noises they made was quite frightening. Each model could be activated by stepping onto a big floor switch for that particular unit. There were probably 10 to12 switches all set in a straight line. I watched as a young man of maybe 12 or so ran down the line of switches timing each step perfectly and activated the entire show at one time. The noise was deafening as the models swayed or gyrated around and laughed, screamed, shouted and everything else a model could do. I found it all very amusing. 

We eventually got out of there and Daniel drove us back to Henly where we went our separate ways. Mine indoors to write the blog and I don’t know what he had in mind. Incidentally, Malinda had taken off to visit her mother and was not around. 

I got us back on track with the blog posting both yesterday and the day before and then looked around for other things to do. We had taken several hours on our trip into town, and it was midafternoon when we got back. 

I received a message from” the girls” telling me to be ready to go out to eat around 6:00 pm. I fed the dogs and told them I would be back as BJ pulled up in front of The Caboose. I climbed in the car alongside Peggy, and we drove to The Boil Shack which is only a couple of miles down the road from us. This is the second time we have been here, and they do have some very good seafood. 

I tried to find something to order that did not have a huge amount of food on the plate as I have trouble finishing up the large platefuls that are served in these local restaurants. I usually end up with a doggy bag but somehow, warmed up leftovers do not taste quite the same. I ended up ordering a single fish taco which, when it came out, was huge as I suspected it would be. That and a side of fruit was sufficient for me and even then, I left the actual taco not feeling the need to eat it after having consumed the contents. I ordered a beer with my meal and noticed that I was the only one at our table drinking liquor. Oh well… 

We drove back to the Park and bid each other Goodnight as we went our separate ways after a fun evening spent with fun people. Malinda really missed out on a great time. 

I took the dogs out for a short walk and then brought in the bird feeders and then fed the dogs one more time before calling it a night and shutting the sliding door one last time. As usual, I watched TV until almost midnight before going to bed. Apparently, there was a storm that I knew was coming in, but I must have been tired enough that slept right through it. Unfortunately, the storm did not bring anything in the way of rain or at least, not enough to measure. 

These pictures are from the display inside of the Home Depot in Dripping Springs.

I wish I could have recorded the wonderful noises coming from this display. Nearly everyone of these displays moved and made ferocious noises. Quite magnificent

Written 09/09/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com