The last day of another month as the year slips rapidly by. Time flies when you are already old… 
 I got up at a reasonable hour knowing that I had company coming today and I needed to straighten up the RV at least to make it presentable. It’s alright to lead a relaxed life when there is only myself and two little dogs but when company comes, we at least need to present an air of respectability and decorum (whatever that means). 

We went out for that first walk and although I was ready to head back to the RV, Miss Sandy had other ideas and we ended up walking the lower park as well. Back in the RV, I had to refill all the feeders as between the ones hanging in the trees that had run out of seed and the ones the deer had emptied, they all needed it. I used up all my seeds and need to buy more. Last time, I bought two 20 lb. bags, and they lasted about two weeks. 

With this chore done we adjourned back inside, and I fixed breakfast for all of us although mine was different than the dogs. Somehow, I can’t see me eating hard dog chow or anything out of a can meant for dog consumption only. Maybe that is why dogs like people’s food…Then I turned my attention to the blog and caught up with yesterday before starting today. 

The company that is coming are members of the Austin Allies, an Adult Women’s Soccer team that I coached for many years. They were extremely good at the game, and we travelled all over to play in tournaments and such besides playing in the local Men’s Soccer League in Austin. We made it to the finals of the National Cup one year but lost the final to our archrivals, a team from Dallas. 

I have kept in touch with a couple of the players but when the team finally disbanded, the players all went their separate ways as did I. I buzzed around and straightened up the RV to make it presentable. Daniel has said we can use the breakroom when the girls all arrive.  

I got a call from Suzanne to tell me that they will not be coming until tomorrow and “Is that OK”. I confirmed that it would be fine as I have nothing else planned for the next day, next week, next year and Ad Infinitum. 

With the change of plans, I relaxed again and listened to an Audiobook, drinking wine and sitting outside on the deck. 

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An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, TX. Sunday 10/01/2023

Kerry, Me,Jane,Wendy and Susan and of course Mikey on the left and Sandy on the right giving us their best view…

I awoke and remembered that some of the players from the Soccer team I used to coach all those years ago were coming over to pay me a visit. This got me moving and I took a shower and put on clean clothes. The first thing was to take the dogs out for their first walk. We wandered around but did not get very far. Several of our regular stops were not there having moved on and we kept on walking. 

Back at the RV, I put out the bird feeders and then watered the plants. I also sprayed them with the really stinky deer repellant. Darn, that stuff smells really bad… 

I noticed that Daniel and Malinda were both over at the girls RV so being the nosy person I have become and because the dogs were still harnessed up, we wandered over just to find out. The girls had gotten their new awning in and Daniel and Malinda with the help of Gary had installed it and were still working on finishing up the project. Peggy offered me breakfast in the form of a taco which I gladly consumed along with a bottle of water while I watched the others do the work. Water may be good for you but it does not taste like coffee.

With the project complete and breakfast all gone, we continued our walk just around the grounds. When we got back, Gary stopped by to tell me that he was taking me into town so that I could pick up a fruit bowl, a veggie bowl and more beer, although the girls are not much in the way of beer drinkers. Beer keeps though so it will not be wasted. 

We drove back and I thanked Gary for being so helpful and put the stuff into The Caboose. I sat outside and listened to an Audiobook and then went back to catch up with the blog while I waited for the girls to appear. 

Finally, they showed in three separate cars, Jane and Wendy in one, Kerry in one and Susan in another. Obviously, they had driven in from all over and had not been able to coordinate. It was good to see them and there were hugs all around. Apart from being older, they all looked the same as back in their playing days. 

We moved back inside where it was cooler, and I showed them The Caboose and was met with the usual approvals as it is a nice rig. Then we sat down with the dogs for company and talked for a couple of hours. Or rather, the girls talked, and I listened for most of the time. It seems that they had a lot of catching up to do as well. 

They refused my offers of liquid refreshment or the food trays, preferring to stay with the water they had brought with them. After a good while, I suggested that we walk around the campground and maybe meet some of my neighbors, which we did. They got to meet Peggy, Larry and Crystal and of course Malinda and Daniel. BJ and Delores were not there as they were off visiting as was Gary. 

Finally, with hugs all around, they each jumped in their cars and left. It was so nice to see them again after all of this time. Susan and I have contact as she is one of my Executors but not the other girls. 

I took the dogs out walking so they could let off some of the excitement of having visitors and we wandered around the park. We finally ended up at Daniel and Malinda’s RV where we sat outside and drank a couple of beers and chatted about the past. Let me re-phrase that, my past with the girls and the soccer team they all played on. 

Finally, I headed back to The Caboose for the evening meal and then watched television where Brighton and Hove lost big time 6-1 to Aston Villa. For some reason, Brighton was not the same team that had played the first half a dozen games with the Manager playing different players in a different formation to the one that had been so successful so far. Solly got to play, and as he sometimes is, was subbed out just after half time. 

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