I got up early as I knew we were planning on taking a trip to Fredericksburg just as we had six weeks ago to go to the Market there. It is a great place to visit and a lot of fun. Most of the time, we do not buy much except food and beer as we usually find a place to eat while we are there. I had time to take the dogs out walking before BJ was waiting outside my door. 

I got to travel with “The Girls” who were BJ who was our driver and Peggy and Delores sitting in the front alongside of BJ, who incidentally, drives a school bus for a living. We had a caravan of three cars, Daniel was in front and the lead driver, we were second, and Debbie and Jim were bringing up the rear. 

Daniel drove at 100 mph the whole way, but BJ was masterful at keeping up with him although, we lost him at the end due to traffic. We all arrived at the Fairground safely and teamed up to go in as a group and then it was sort of everyone on their own. Not intentionally but it is hard to keep a group of adults together and eventually, we were spread out all over the place. It did not matter as we just called each other and arranged to find a place to eat and listen to the music, which took another hour. 

I was having problems with my hip, and it was hurting to walk. I spent my time looking for a walking pole and eventually found one that helped me get around. That made things a lot easier as not only did the pole help me to walk but it also helped with my balance. 

We wandered around after eating hamburgers and eventually got back in our respective vehicles for the ride back home arriving back at Henly midafternoon. The reason we got back so early was because both Daniel and Malinda had other business that was going to take them away from the park but not before everyone ate beans that Daniel had cooked yesterday. Everyone except me that is as I was still filled with the hamburger I had eaten earlier and had not been able to finish. Heck, it had not had time to digest at all. And I like beans… 

I took the dogs out walking which pleased them no end. They even got to sit with Remington and Malinda while the others were feasting on beans only, we were outside of the breakroom. Eventually, we continued with our walk around the park before returning to write in the blog. 

Daniel and Malinda had another overnight trip planned and it was not long before they were driving away, in their truck. This time, Remington got to go with them. The rest of us had already dispersed to our respective RVs for the evening. 

We went out for the final walk of the day before returning for food all around although I was not that hungry. I found something light to eat and of course washed it down with a small bottle of wine. I spent the evening watching Yellowstone which I consider to be a great program. 

Written 10/22/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com

An Old Man and an RV. Henly RV Park, TX. Sunday 10/22/2023

I got up at a very reasonable hour for another bright sunny day. I harnessed up the dogs and then tied them to the picnic table while I brought out the seed feeders.  I tried something different last evening and only brought in the feeders that contain seeds. The two that hold seed cakes, I left out to see if the deer would eat them. They didn’t this time so l will leave them out in the future or until the deer discover they are edible. 

We went out for the first walk and managed to cover a mile, which is a good way to start the day. Incidentally, the walking stick that I bought yesterday is a good investment and really helps the hip from hurting as much. I think it straightens me up, taking the twist out of the body posture caused by the pain in the hip. 

It was very quiet around the park as it was Sunday after all with the working people home. We met a couple of people being walked by their dogs but other than that, we were on our own. It had already started to warm up as the temperature keeps varying from day to day. 

When we got back, I fixed us all breakfast, but Sandy had one of her moods on and did not eat what I put in front of her. I do not care if she decides not to eat but it means that she does not take her medication which I do care about. 

I spent time watering the plants and left the dogs on the deck to watch. I was missing a perch from one of the feeders and searched around and found it under the picnic table and carefully slid it back into place in the holder. 

After a couple of hours of being back indoors mixed with sitting outside for a bit with my eyes closed but not sleeping, I sat down to work on the blog. There was not a lot to report for today, but I had fun remembering the Fredericksburg trip. What with being the only man in a car full of three women did make it interesting and I got to hear some really funny stories. 
Daniel and Malinda returned from their trip and waved at me as they pulled in and immediately started to go about their business of taking care of the park. I wrote until I was caught up and posted yesterday’s blog then decided to take the dogs out walking. I happened to walk by Daniels RV and Jeff and Kerry were there. I stopped to chat and the next thing I had a cold beer thrust into my hands. I suppose I could have said no but what is the fun in that? 

We sat chatting for probably a good half hour to forty-five minutes and then Malinda suggested we go eat at the Mexican place named El Rey. Jeff took his own car and I piled into Daniels truck for the short trip into town. Actually, I think it is Malinda’s truck, but Daniel was driving. 

The five of us sat and ate a very nice Mexican meal and I think that all of us brought home doggie bags there was so much food. I drank two beers to help keep my mouth cooled down from the spicy Mexican food. Any excuse but it was spicy enough that I thought I was breathing fire. 

Daniel drove us home and I immediately took the dogs back out for the last walk of the day. Then, I fed the dogs when we got back after bringing in the bird feeders and settled down to watch English Premier League football.  Brighton played Manchester City with Brighton losing 2-1. Solly got hurt and had to be stretchered off. 

Then I watched more episodes of Yellowstone before going to bed around midnight. 

Written 10/22/2023. Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com