When I bought my first RV
I had no idea of what I might see
travelling around the countryside
just me and two dogs along for the ride
actually they are much more to me
my constant companions just we three
enjoying this life and wondering when
how much longer until the end
I have given up the travelling life
easy to do as I have no wife
nobody telling me what I should do
and sometimes I think that I have no clue
we are parked in a permanent space
at Henly Park a wonderful place
the grass is mowed and weeds are whacked
and the place looks tidy and that’s a fact
Daniel and Malinda are the hosts
and they have every reason to boast
as they both work hard to keep it clean
the most wonderful park you have ever seen
they go out of their way to make people feel at home
that they are welcome here and not really alone
and depending on how long you stay
you will still have to pay your way
RV living although not cheap
is a wonderful life and good company to keep
and if there’s a reason to move along
just hitch up the truck and be long gone.

Written 10/19/2023, Read my other blog at https://pondblog2011.com